August 29, 2011

The Luggage Project

Hello my Creative Ghosts!

A spectacular weekend beginning the Luggage Project with Brenda Figueroa and other kindred spirits!

I am having a blast giving life to this small piece of luggage.

Check out my beginnings

After the collaging

After the painting

What a beautiful mess!!!!

If you are up to it you should join us! There are about 10 of us now. So excited. I can't wait for the next one!

August 25, 2011

Your Majesty

Hi Creative Ghosts,

How I have missed you all. The first week of school and teaching have been a whirl. New students and projects are underway. Being around all my students I began to go back in time in my mind.

I was dreaming of my favorite things when I was a child. I remember the carnival and my favorite ride was the Carousel. That's what I have been feeling like I am spinning around and around with so many responsibilities, dreams and goals to fulfill.

I just need to take a deep breath and hop on my fantasy horse I named
"Your Majesty"

I love my fantasy horse. She is a strong and beautiful creature. This beauty will help to relax me today. 

I can sit on her and re-focus all that there is to do, know and be.  

I hope all of you Creative Ghosts will take time during this day to re-focus and ride on the magical Carousel of your own life.

Peace, love and paintbrushes!

August 21, 2011

Fairy Godmother

Hello my dear Creative Ghosts!  

Today was a wonder-FULL and beauty-FULL  day! 

Taking Kelly Rae's advice, myself and another flier set on meeting this afternoon. 

Turns out I found that I had many things in common with her. She was the voice of 
encouragement and wisdom. 

I am calling her my Fairy Godmother, Rose!  
FG Rose asked me to exclaim the statement: I AM AN ARTIST!

Our conversation lasted for over three hours and ended up at Michaels. (SMILE)

Rose and I shared some of our artwork with each other and here she is with a totem doll she created out of a piece of bark and beads and cloth.

We have committed to a once a month retreat for ourselves and it is just what I needed to begin my community of creative ghosts! 

Anyone interested in joining us? It's about to get fun!!!

August 20, 2011

My Naked Journal

Greetings my Creative Ghosts!

I finished a handmade journal from an idea I read in Kelly Rae's book Taking Flight. 

I had a lot of fun making this. I wanted to really connect with my spirit on a deep level. 

I am usually making art for other people but I thought it was important to make something 
for myself that I could use. 

I titled it Naked because I feel that the more I expose myself and the desires of my heart the closer I get to my true nature. 

 As I painted this, I pictured myself flying with Angels who were trying to help me find my wings. I pictured myself uninhibited by negative thoughts, fears or clothing. I felt free. 

I laughed and I cried and then I closed my eyes...when I opened them again I realized I was flying. 

This journal will carry the songs of my heart and my inner most desires. It will not be like any other journal I have written.  

I hope that in some ways this journal will be like vision board to help remind me of my creative power to physically manifest my dreams.

I am off to write in my newly created journal.

August 16, 2011

I miss you Rain!

This morning I sat and savored the breeze of 6 am. It felt good on my skin. I looked up and saw clouds and hoped it would begin to Rain. I miss you Rain. I have not seen my beautiful Rain in months here in Texas. Today I wanted to share a poem I wrote when I last saw her.....

As I sit and watch the rain fall from the sky
feelings of renewal and hope wash over my soul.

The possibilities of new adventures shine in through the window as the sun breaks through the clouds.

The coolness of rain has awakened 
this inner hope
and the heat of the sun moves my spirit towards transformation and evolution of my life. 

August 14, 2011

Opening up to the possibilities of my life.....

Hello to all of you.  My first post is about a transformation that occurred for me last year. I have been reading about all of the creative ghosts in my new online E-Course Flying Lessons hosted by none other than Kelly Rae Roberts. Many of these creators are haunted everyday by the artist within that aches to express itself. 

It so beautiful isn’t it? the place we always go to that seems frightening but exhilarating at the same time. When I first found Kelly Rae's art I was in an independent bookstore where I live in San Antonio, Texas. As I looked into the women's eyes of the painting (the same one on her book Taking Flight) a chill came over me. She had found me. I could no longer hide. I turned away in fear. Behind the bookshelves I peered out to seek her, this time not so afraid but relieved. She knew my story. She knew my deepest desires and ambitions and fears. She told me to let go and I would be free. I left her there that day. Before I left the bookstore I held her in my hands and promised that I would let go of my fears. I promised to no longer hide behind a false self. i promised to give the creative voice inside of me her chance to speak. I quietly exited and drove home in silence.

The transformation that occurred for me after that was extraordinary. I emptied a bedroom in my house and made it my art studio. I painted whatever, mainly on canvas but the floor got some and so did the walls. some how (and i still don't know how to this day) i found myself teaching acrylics I had been painting in a studio downtown. i was in a zone, i was daring and more confident so I began searching for creative/artistic opportunities and I found one. Really though I think it found me. I painted and painted and I loved every minute. I did that for about 8 months and I decided that i wanted to focus on my art and create a style for myself some way I just don't now what it will be yet.

I have to tell you all that I kept seeing her (Kelly's Take Flight painting) every so often. Here and there in my city and in different cities I traveled to within that year. One day on a stroll at some local shops I saw her again but this time she came home with me. She hangs proudly at the highest part of the wall in my art studio. She is always whispering to me. "You can" "don't be afraid" "keep going" "YES!" "let your heart sing"  Her whispers become loud vibrations in my head and make my heart pound faster. Sometimes when i look into her shimmering eyes i can see myself glow. it seems now that my whole life has been about that moment. the moment that i returned to myself.  I only want to keep that alive always.

how can i put words together to describe me? i can't. i'm a jumbled mess most of the time. full of emotion and passion and compassion and love. everything spinning around in my head and heart. i love the moon and reading and painting. i love the sound of children's laughter and the smell of my parent’s house. i love theatre and costumes and museums. I love to travel and meet new people and eat new food. i love to play my violin and i live to write about all of this.

i thank everyone in my new class for being here and sharing with me your experiences. I don't know why I decided to take this class but I am glad I did. I look forward to learning from all of the artists in my class! love and happiness to my creative ghosts.

p.s. and by the way. a couple of Mondays ago the art gallery director of the bookstore (where I first found my inspiration, Kelly’s beautiful painting) contacted me. One of my paintings now hangs in the art gallery there. tears of joy my ghosts tears of utter joy!