August 20, 2011

My Naked Journal

Greetings my Creative Ghosts!

I finished a handmade journal from an idea I read in Kelly Rae's book Taking Flight. 

I had a lot of fun making this. I wanted to really connect with my spirit on a deep level. 

I am usually making art for other people but I thought it was important to make something 
for myself that I could use. 

I titled it Naked because I feel that the more I expose myself and the desires of my heart the closer I get to my true nature. 

 As I painted this, I pictured myself flying with Angels who were trying to help me find my wings. I pictured myself uninhibited by negative thoughts, fears or clothing. I felt free. 

I laughed and I cried and then I closed my eyes...when I opened them again I realized I was flying. 

This journal will carry the songs of my heart and my inner most desires. It will not be like any other journal I have written.  

I hope that in some ways this journal will be like vision board to help remind me of my creative power to physically manifest my dreams.

I am off to write in my newly created journal.


Kathleen said...

This is absolutely beautiful!!! Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing this with us. I am really enjoying meeting all of the wonderful people in our group!

Sofia Dabalsa said...

Hi Kathleen. Thank you for your kind words. This is most enjoyable. I can't believe how happy this course has made me! Meeting and reading about everyone is wonderful!

Jamie Burch said...

This is amazing, Sofia! I aspire to one day create beautiful art like you do. Thanks for sharing!

Lynda M. Metcalf said...

It came out beautiful. Love it. I should try that project at some point.

Sofia Dabalsa said...

Hi Linda. Thank you for your comment. I loved creating this. I found some books at the dollar store for yes 1 dollar each and painted away. I hope it inspires you to make your own.

Anonymous said...

This is BEAUTIFUL and really touching!! I love your message behind this - I hope to one day be able to create inspiring art like this too!!

Keep up the great job! I am just in awe of all of the AMAZING talent we have in this class!!!

Carol said...

Love you journal. I'm in the process of working on one for myself from KRR's book,too.

Sofia Dabalsa said...

Hi Carol. Thank you. Please show us when you are completed. I would love to see it!

butterflycollector said...

This is gorgeous Sofia! Love it! Happy Flying!!!! Shae xo