June 13, 2012

Hello from My-HeArt!

Hello to all my Creative Spirits!

I thought I would post today to check in and let you all know what I have been up to or what is coming up.
Peace, Love and Harmony

I have been enjoying my summer break from the college for the last month or so. It is nice to wake up and do, in most cases what I want. I have been working out more regularly with my favorite personal trainer Mark Anderson.  Starting yoga again has been satisfying as well.

On the creative front, I have been working on some new art journals that I will need to finish by next month for the class I am teaching at VIVA Bookstore. I am looking forward to it. I am not sure what to expect but I know it will be fun. There are lots of things to prepare but it will all come together I am sure.

I must say though with all the free time, I have been feeling a little lost with the things that make up my life. My job, art, responsibilities, relationships and family….I feel changes stirring about and sometimes I am unsure of where I am going.  Sometimes I simply don’t know what I want anymore…or that I just forgot and peeling back the layers has been hard and emotional work. Does anyone ever feel this way? 

I am trying to get organized in my mind, body and spirit. It seems that with each day that passes my old self dies and the new one gains strength. This is happening with great pain though. I should be humming, vibrant, “in the zone” I need to re-discover myself but I have been working on this for sometime. I am praying for fulfillment.

I am working through Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way and hope to write and create my way through some of these emotions. I am looking forward to next weekend. I will be on my way to visit my artist pal, Brenda Figueroa! 

We will be staying at her in-laws lake house! Something like a little artist retreat! I will be sure to post some pictures as I imagine it will be beautiful!! I hope it turns into something regular with other Fly Girls!  Travel always lifts my spirits and puts a new light on things.

Thanks for visiting, check back soon.



Ann Marie said...

Hi there friend! Miss you. I think we need an in person visit. I think you are simply experiencing growth. Artistic, spiritual, self-awareness growth! Normal stuff for sure. It will all be revealed when it is meant to be. Hugs!

Linda Kinnaman said...

Sofia it sounds like a wonderful summer! Projects to keep you creative,time to just be and a wonderful trip planned. Good luck with the soul searching ~ you will do just fine and come out stronger for it. I am sure of it.

Me said...

I know that you will live a life that attracts your true and greatest destiny. I believe you will find your way. Keep in mind that my Soul Sister has wings that already exist, all that you just need to do is FLY.

Sofia Dabalsa said...

Hi ladies and thank you for your warm words! It means so much. xxx