January 30, 2013

Oh My Goddess!

Can I just say…WOW!

I am in awe by the email response that I have received to The Goddess Chronicles: A Traveling Art Journal project. This idea was born out of a deep desire to create something collaborative with other women around the world.

The Goddess Chronicles is an intention to hold the highest vision of all women through expressive and artistic creations. There is a change that is stirring in the souls of women around the world more than ever!  I would like to document a small piece of this evolution for younger generations of goddesses. You can read about the details of this project here.

Since putting this dream out into the world I have received so much love and joy from each and every participant. I wanted to share a few of the beautiful words I have received…

“Thank you Sofia for your dreams, efforts, and opportunity to inspire generations to come.  Let's do it together, in it with you!”  Wendy Goldsmith

“Dear Sofia, my heart soared when I read about this traveling book. I would be so delighted and so humbled to take part." Maria Notarangelo 

“The Goddess Chronicles Journal is a fantastic idea and dream that is going to be a reality! I would love to create some art for a book that gets passed on to future goddesses. What wisdom we can share! I already have some ideas! I hope you will consider me as a part of your dream.” Jetta Heinen

“My heart jumped out of my chest at the thought of joining your community and contributing .... I would love so very much to be a part of your project and feel the weaving Speak to us all.” Robina D’Arcy-Fox

Once the original book is completed, it will be donated to Girls Inc. in San Antonio, TX. My hope is that The Goddess Chronicles will help girls and women alike recognize the profound love within, expand their own creativity, and cultivate living an authentic and happy life! 

The world is waiting for you!


Christina Fajardo said...

So very happy to be a part of this positive movement of women towards a brave new world! Love to you Sofia!

Ann Marie said...

Girl, you are putting love out in the world. So excited for all the goodness you are sharing. I read your request for participants and I'd like to, but was feeling that since things are a little out of whack for me right now I shouldn't commit. Gosh, I've become such a comittment phobe!