January 15, 2013

Women, Community and Art: Cheryl Dossey

Cheryl Dossey

Being a part of several online art communities has changed me forever. It started with one and has grown to about ten. 

Each community is somewhat unique and different in what is offered. I will say however, that I’m most attached to the original group.  It was a Facebook group created for an online e-course in hopes that we would encourage, support and grow with each other throughout the course. 

Well, we did that, and in the process became a pretty close knit group where many friendships developed.  Actually, some of the other online groups that I am a part of spun off of this original group.

The thought of having a blog/website, a Facebook biz page, an Etsy account, etc… seemed so unachievable just a year or so ago, but it has all happened due to being a part of this community. I believe these online communities have become an integral part of my creative growth.

Women are natural nurturers, so it makes sense that it would carry over into this facet of our lives as well. It still fascinates me that I can post an image of a newly created piece of art, a question about a new product, or a technical problem and within moments a positive comment or answer to my question will appear. 

Obviously, we’re all at different stages of growth and have our own individual strengths.  I believe this is why it works for so many of us. It’s like climbing a ladder, we step up a rung or two and then reach down and help pull someone along or reach out and receive the encouragement we need to climb higher.

I may not go out to lunch or hang out with these women on the weekends, as we are from all over the world, but I do feel we are kindred spirits. We’re all artists and creative women on a similar journey and this is a safe place to share our victories, as well as, our frustrations. We encourage, cheer, and challenge one another in a positive constructive atmosphere.

I have grown so much in the past year that it seems impossible. I am still moving forward and changing everyday due to these online connections.  It’s a constant positive motivator. I see others taking on challenges, creating new art, writing great posts and it encourages me to continue to stretch the boundaries of my own talent and abilities. 

I am so thankful and honored to be among these women and be a recipient of their wonderful energy and light.  Shine on ladies…

Cheryl Dossey

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