March 18, 2013

Come Paint Your Soulful Metamorphosis!

I am finally putting my Soulful Metamorphosis© Painting Workshop out there. I have been sitting with this idea for a long time now.... it has probably been over a year and a half. I worked and re-worked exactly what I want to give the world through facilitating creativity.

After my trip to NYC earlier this month, it all became so clear. I know I was put on this earth to be in communion with people who want to use art and creativity as a vehicle to move through life. For fun, for reflection, for love, for fixing things emotionally... for anything that calls from within. 

This really truly works! I have been painting this way for so long and I did not even realize it until last year. Because of this practice so many more creative opportunities have shown themselves to me and have been able to move towards fulfilling the life I envision. It has not always been easy but it has been worth it to me. 

My soul  mission is to provide a space in which to gather, reflect, discuss, embrace, celebrate, and transform our lives. I believe that through powerful and soulful exchanges and creating artwork from your spirit, you can begin to transform your life. 

It is my soul’s mission in life to share this with the world. I have built my mission around what I call The Four C’s:  COMMUNITY - CONNECT - COLLABORATE - CREATE.  I am committed to facilitating creativity through painting as a way to return to our true nature of joy and happiness! The possibilities of this day are truly endless. Won’t you come?

Visit the website for more information and details to register at 

I hope you will join me. 

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Ann Marie said...

Yeah! You. So excited for you.