April 26, 2013

Big Announcement: Hermana Sagrada

A special announcement today for all of you who have supported the artistic journey I am on and for others who will join. I have been working on so many projects the last several months. Days have run into late nights...writing...painting...dreaming. (excuse me if I take a minute to get to the announcement but ya'll know I like to write :)

"Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage are not always comfortable but they are never weakness" Brene Brown

Just taking chances doing what I love everyday. Really putting myself out there...committing to authenticity...it's scary...I feel vulnerable a lot.  I just painted my Legendary Self to remind me that I am courage (heart strong). When I get up in the morning I intend not to focus on the negative things...like if anyone would "buy-in" or "invest" in my art... or my dreams for that matter. ...I intend not to focus on hard things...like the thoughts that sometimes pop in my mind about not being good enough....I intend not to focus on the money things....like having to pay all kind of bills on a very limited income. 

I think we all have these feelings and thoughts but I have learned that even though it can be tough, to just do the things I set out to do anyway...despite the uncomfortable-ness. For the most part I have been doing good. I believe in abundance consciousness and I am DARING GREATLY like Brene´says!

I have craved collaboration with other artists for... always! There is something magically special that happens when we gather specifically to create something together. I call it the SOUL GOOD feeling. I love that feeling! 

are you ready to hear the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT?

My friend Claudia and I are joining together to bring to YOU: HERMANA SAGRADA. That means Sacred Sister in Spanish. (by the way I added a translate button to the top of my blog for those friends in Italy, Puerto Rico, and France that have asked me to do so....I am so loving my Sacred International Sisters!)

Our aim is to help bring forth the beauty in every woman ALL OVER THE WORLD through community, writing, painting and celebrating our CORAZON SAGRADO (Sacred Hearts)

Ask me...go ahead and ask me why we are doing this.

Why are you and Claudia doing this Sofia?

Honestly...out of love, and to honor the sacred connection we experienced together. We would like to share the story with you and share our little Hermanita Casa with you all. 

Mark your calendars! We will open our online Facebook Forum on May 1st with loads of freebies, small gatherings, big gatherings, lessons, and more! Our goal is to make healing through art as accessible as possible to everyone while honoring what is sacred! 

We are delighted for you to be a part of it! 


Ann Marie said...

I so love hearing about all the meaningful projects you are diving into. You have really taken off this year and I can see your big smile all the way from Colorado. And you big open heart. Hugs my friend.

Claudia and Sergio Olivos said...

I am sooooo excited for this journey hermana!

abrazos mil,

Elizabeth said...

Oh my Sofia, cuan hermoso tu pagina y tus nuevas creaciones!! ; ) Me encanta tu valentia y tus hermoso planes con todo lo que andas haciendo!!! Exito!!

❤ ❤ ❤
Elizabeth Aviles