May 24, 2013

Living the Vida Creative!

Hello Beautiful People!

I have missed you! The past couple of weeks have been... about practicing courage, creativity, community, and a bit of relaxation.  Courage to step out of my comfort zone and make some videos for the fabulous Corazon Sagrado course Claudia and I are offering. We are creating communities and tribes of women all over the world and loving every minute of it! 

There I am facilitating a Goddess Chronicles creative afternoon. Thanks to De Anna from Creative Counseling Solutions for the opportunity to live my mission! 

Ever since I started on my creative path, I have been working day and night on my mission of facilitating creativity in the lives of people I meet. Why? Because it heals us in ways we cannot imagine, it connects us to the place inside where wisdom can be accessed, and... it's FUN ya'll! 
In the last few weeks I have learned the lesson of balancing between my mind and heart and my body and soul. I listen to all four of these guides. I allow myself to not let any one of them take over but in the last three weeks my soul has been in touch with my Muse, gave her the pen and said WRITE. I have been writing so much to the point that my Muse did not want to let go and my right hand wound up in a brace!
I have been so used to schedules and planning that when I began to follow my dreams I became so much more abstract and a little bit all over the place. 
Some people might think this is silly but truly a force came over me and for about 2 weeks, 12 hours a day, I was writing, typing, scribbling, note-taking....all the above to get it all down.  A tremendous amount of energy has been spent on writing what 

I will call my Soulful Metamorphosis "book"  I am envisioning it exactly as it is defined in the dictionary:

A written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers.

What started out as a 20-page workbook has turned into over 100 pages and I am not sure what will come of it. I know it is the story of my soul. A good friend put me in touch with a professional editor and I believe I am on my way towards a special chapter in my life. 

Also this week started I started listening to a series of interviews with professionals in the publishing business through Christine Klosers Transformational AuthorExperience. If you are even considering writing your own book I highly suggest that you check these interviews out. They are free! So much good information is coming through and I am learning so much!

Now I am ready for some much needed relaxation! I will be thinking of you all tomorrow during my mini spa day enjoying a mani-pedi! 

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Janet Ghio said...

Enjoy your mini day spa and good luck with your book. Very exciting times for you!