June 22, 2013

Moving with Faith

My, my, my! June has flown by for me. I really can't believe that we are celebrating the second day of summer. I have been busy in the studio and writing a book close to my heart. I wanted to post what I have been up to since at the end of the year I plan to make my blog into a book...I must have content  and documentation of my "luminous" year! 

Big news over at Casa McDaniel... we are finally moving out of my parents upstairs apartment and into our own house again! The decision to move into my parents house nearly 2 years ago was a good one. We have been able to take advantage of repairing ourselves financially and most importantly we have come to learn that we really don't need a lot of stuff to be happy. Downsizing helped us appreciate what is truly important to us and what really matters. With the increasing amount of art supplies, workshops, and commissions I am in need of a bigger studio. My husband too, an artist at his core, is ready to start building his furniture again and getting creative. Being and living as artists is important to us. Finally after almost 2 years we are ready to begin again with a new found respect for what truly matters. 

These last 2 years have been about big changes. In this time I grew as an artist, quit my job, let go of being a landlord, let go of friendships that drained my energy, which in turned allowed space for new friendships... Jeff and I got married... there were ups and downs...there still are, but I move through all of it with unwavering faith. 

I have learned that having faith in myself and in the journey helps me to make choices that are truly aligned with my values.  I value living with intention. 

I practice bringing my mindfulness to each interaction, circumstance, or situation I encounter. Practice makes everything possible. 

Working with the Talisman assignments through my COW training has been such a grounding experience. I love meeting each Muse that comes through the portal of my canvas. There is something so profoundly magical that happens when I take my time getting to know the face staring back at me. The conversations we have...the Love that is present...just really amazing. That is me painting up there at the Southwest School of Art here in San Antonio, TX. I am currently working on a proposal for a class I want to teach. Keep your fingers crossed for me.  

My Talisman, Ewya, is still not quite finished. I am loving her with her blue skin so very much but I am not sure if I should leave it or glaze over her to integrate her more...we will see. This strong and powerful "she-ro" has helped me to feel a confidence I did not know before. I got bolder this month just like her vibrant colors. I committed to facilitating a workshop and another red thread ceremony. 
My husband and I sold two of three properties we owned and just this last week closed on the second. We still have one more to go but I feel a heavy weight has been lifted. I have been in the real estate game for 13 years and it's definitely time to let go. 

Ewya, showed me the wisdom inside of myself and allowed me to keep going even with traces of fear. Letting go of what doesn't serve my life and values is a continuous process. I am getting more and more comfortable with changes and more comfortable with what I am offering in the world. 

Enjoy your weekend and have faith in all you do! 


Ann Marie said...

So beautifully written Sofia. I smile broadly when I read your words that tell the story of how your life is unfolding and changing and growing. I'm truly blessed to have met you and to have you as friend. Although the miles separate us physically, it can not separate our hearts and the soul connection we have as women, as creatives, as friends. So proud of you for quietly and with purpose going after the life you want to live and doing so wonderfully. Hugs, AM

Janet Ghio said...

Wonderful post-you surely are on the right path. I used to be a career counselor at a college and I taught a class based on the bookk called "Do what you love and the money will follow"--sounds like you are doing just that!

margherita arrighi said...

cara Sofia ti sono nel cuore... bellissima casa quella dove andrai a stare!!! complimenti! quando hai finito il trasloco perĂ² mi concedi l'intervista vero? un abbraccio forte

Rose Duncan, RoseHeartNSoul said...

Love you and the work you are doing. Great post! Beautifully written and soulful! xoxo