August 21, 2011

Fairy Godmother

Hello my dear Creative Ghosts!  

Today was a wonder-FULL and beauty-FULL  day! 

Taking Kelly Rae's advice, myself and another flier set on meeting this afternoon. 

Turns out I found that I had many things in common with her. She was the voice of 
encouragement and wisdom. 

I am calling her my Fairy Godmother, Rose!  
FG Rose asked me to exclaim the statement: I AM AN ARTIST!

Our conversation lasted for over three hours and ended up at Michaels. (SMILE)

Rose and I shared some of our artwork with each other and here she is with a totem doll she created out of a piece of bark and beads and cloth.

We have committed to a once a month retreat for ourselves and it is just what I needed to begin my community of creative ghosts! 

Anyone interested in joining us? It's about to get fun!!!


Traci Wilkes said...

count me in! Love your post and the totem doll

Anonymous said...

Let me know when you guys meet if you will. I am free on Sundays and could drive up...if you continue with meeting that day. Otherwise...if it is Saturday, I could occasionally make it.

Rae Payne

Rose Duncan, RoseHeartNSoul said...

This is so awesome! Good picture, too! Thank you so much. It was a life changing afternoon for me. Can't wait till our play date! The more the merrier - we'll find the space! Fun! Fun! Fun! See what happens when you listen you to your heart? It expands!

Mrs. Miller said...

it all sounds very magical! i live in texas too!

Carol said...

Oh how wonderful to find someone near you. Wish I could join you. I don't know any artists in my area, although I know there are plenty around. I adore your fairy godmother!

Denise Douros said...

You and your tribe are inspiring... I've been wishing, myself, to find "like" people in my area... but have no fear, I will perservere and will have a pow-wow of my own soon! Great Job... love the totem! ~Denise

Sofia Dabalsa said...

Hi everyone. Thank you for all of your comments. I hope that you all will join us and begin to live a more creative life! Those of you who are far please, please put your brave girl bra on today and reach out! I am so glad I did! See you in the clouds!

Deirdre Rivera said...

Very good for you girls! Your art is beautiful!!!

Zulma said...

Yes! Can't wait!


rmack said...

Wish I were there to join you!

Sofia Dabalsa said...

I wish you could be there too Rebecca I could learn so much from you my great painter!