May 26, 2012

Hi Beautiful Readers! 

Golly it's been so hard to keep up with all these interfaces! Blogging has been the most difficult to commit to doing each week. I promise myself that I won't be too hard on myself for not doing it soon and with all the other things going on it's no wonder I have not posted since January. I am here now and that is what matters!

The year has been going ....pretty.... good.... as far as accomplishing art goals it's been great. I started the Artist's Way (again) and this time I have been fully committed to my pages, artist dates and completing many of the tasks for each chapter. It has been fun and emotionally charged as well. I have laughed my way through some of the days and boy have I cried through some as well. Divine order I say. Everything that is happening is for my highest good! I will be sharing some of my projects later in the week but for now check out this eye candy.

OMG you guys! I have my art journals and some paintings at Unity Bookstore here on Broadway in my home city of San Antonio, TX. I am so blessed to be able to share my love to the community!

I am continuing to say YES to opportunities that come my way and learning to get out of my own way!  Thank you all for your support! Stay tuned there is more to come. 

Lovely Art Journals