September 8, 2011

Italian Sky

Hello my Creative Ghosts!

It is a beautiful September day. I just turned in a photograph for FotoSeptiembre here at the college where I work.

Our theme is WABI SABI. The exhibit explores the idea of the Japanese concept of beauty that celebrates the transient, the impermanent and the simple and imperfect.

This is a photograph I took while traveling to Rome, Italy.
I was moved by the energy of the place. As I stood next to the Colosseum I looked up in gratitude and saw the beauty of these clouds. I celebrate the impermanence of the clouds in this photograph.

I watched the clouds move ever so slowly. They would crash into other clouds and completely transform or they would evaporate into the blue sky.

If you get a chance to read Taro Gold's Living Wabi Sabi I totally recommend it. Its a small book you can read in a day and it completely changes the way you look at things!



quilthexle said...

Great picture ! I remember standing next to the colosseum - it's something I'll never forget. Good luck with the competition!

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Sofia Dabalsa said...

Thank you ladies!

zulma said...

Love your new website

Sofia Dabalsa said...

thanks zulma!!!