December 5, 2011

Intention of Self-Love

It has been a while since I have had the chance to blog about anything.
It has been a crazy very crazy 2 months. After my trip to Paris in October I had to really get into my day job responsibilities. I have been swamped with projects.
On the home front my fiancé and I are having to move out of our rental so that is added stress.
I am happy and thankful for the break that is coming this week and will give me a chance to reconnect with you all.
Luckily, I still had chances to log into Facebook and everyone’s blog. The work you all have completed is wonderfully inspiring. I am so moved by each of my fellow artists visions of beauty!
Recently I became part of the Illuminata Circle with Rae Payne and other artists. The project was to create an intention candle. This was such a great activity for me to do. When so many things have been pulling my energy it was nice to restore some of it making this intention candle for self-love.
Just in case you can't see it all it says:

I look up at the stars and awaken to healing thoughts and stand tall.

Another part of the candle has a picture of an eye and should read: I love me.

My favorite on the bottom says:
Overcome the notion that you must be regular. It robs you of the chance to be extraordinary.
I think I will add some stickers of flowers and on the top of the candle complete it by combining the two words celebrate and happy with you so that at the top it will read: Celebrate YOU Happy!
I have ideas for more candles to come.  I was thinking of having an intention party just like Rachel did with a group of her friends. I think it would be a good way to start the year. I have lit my candle a few times while I began to sketch this weekend and feeling its energy really got my creative juices flowing.
So much love!


Jamie Burch said...

This is wonderful, Sofia! Hope you had an amazing time in Paris. Good luck with catching up on work and preparing for your move. Wishing you time for relaxing and focusing on your intentions.

Take care...:)

rebecca mcfarland said...

I love this idea! Such a beautiful way to celebrate yourself and stay centered during all of this stress. You know I'm going to have to do this!

That Girl Designs said...

great idea for a intention candle. self love is very important. just don't think you can give good love to others if you don't love yourself first.