August 19, 2012

Celebration of Giving!

Since I was a small child I understood the tremendous power of giving. Thanks to my parents for starting my siblings and I on that path. I remember handing out toys during Christmas to those less fortunate. I remember volunteering at hospitals and other organizations as a result.

As a young woman I found myself in many situations where I would use my power of giving and literally give it (my power) all away. My time, my talents, my money, everything that I had… I would… irresponsibly give away. Even when I knew I shouldn’t I did. Why? Because it felt so good to save the day. I felt like Wonder Woman! 

I said that I did it out of love but really what I was doing it for was for recognition, to be loved and to be held in the highest esteem. I used the power of giving in the wrong way and I realized this later in my life.

Today, I can give in healthy ways. I pay attention to what resonates on a soul level! I make contributions of my time, talent and treasure when it FEELS right! I believe that giving and receiving are one in the same. Each time I give, I receive! Each time I give, I create an experience of true prosperity!

Being a part of the Fly Tribe is one of the greatest honors of my life. Although most of the flyers I have never met in person the collective energy of love and community is alive! A year ago I could have never imagined the gifts that I would receive as a result of finally giving something to myself. Signing up for Flying Lessons with Kelly Rae Roberts has been one of the best things I have done for myself! It has brought me closer to claiming the idea that I am an artist, closer to my true self, closer to a group of women that support each other in loving and very genuine ways.

The positive vibrations lead me to be a more aware artist and a more open human. I have experienced first hand the wonderful benefits of giving. 

When it felt right I would create a piece of artwork and mail it or drop it off to a friend, I would send along messages of encouragement, I have visited them in their homes and listened with my heart. I have been called wise, compassionate, patient, caring, loving and soulful-giver. 

What has been given to me as a result of being more aware and open to these relationships is an indescribable sense of belonging and it just feels so fabulously good! It really is magical!

Being a part of the Fly Tribe has allowed me to open more freely in my everyday life. I have taken chances that I would normally shy away from. I can pull from the collective strength of this wonderful group and tackle difficult challenges and face those problems that seemed just too much to take. I have become fearless in my approach to life. I feel that I have pulled back so many layers in the last year that I am shedding my old skin and looking at a new face.

I wish this and so much more to those individuals who receive this great gift of giving! As the Fly Tribe and Kelly Rae Roberts soulfully donate Flying Lessons Courses to a lucky group, my hope is that you all experience the wonderful growth and uplifting vibration that will surely follow! 

I want to take this last couple of lines to thank every single woman that I have connected with online, in person or in spirit. My life is enhanced as a result of your presence…thank you and Namaste!

Go to this link to enter in the give away!

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