September 18, 2012

My First Video and Some other stuff :)

Well hello there! I have been taking some time off of the internet for the last couple of weeks. I sometimes feel the pressure to compare myself and keep up with what everyone else is doing that I drive myself crazy.

Blogging is fun but I am still trying to find the balance of what feels right to me. I think for now once a month is what I can commit to. I often say nobody reads my blog anyway...but as an artist finding her way it's important to me to document the journey for myself and not spend too much time thinking about whether or not someone else reads it. That leads to feelings of "not enough" and well I KNOW that I am! I wonder if others have felt this way too?

So in my time away from cyberspace I have been creating some art. I have been sketching some, painting some, I am learning to sew, reading, writing a lot, meeting up with other artists and I completed my first ever video with help of my fiance, Jeff.

This blog post is a "collage" of all the above. I have lots of pictures to share and of course the video.

I am in love with Tamara Laporte, I found her last year but never got a chance to take any of her classes. This summer I finally did and I can say that I have learned so much! As a self-taught artist it is nice to experience how other artists create and learn from their training and experiences.

I have realized that I like making faces. I am trying my best to learn how to draw bodies but I don't think its one of my favorite things to draw. I am hoping to expand into more abstract painting using some of my sketches soon!

Here is a painting of what I am calling my Creative Goddess. She is emerging slowly from the depths of my soul. Working these last couple of months with my AWESOME, BEAUTIFUL, KNOWLEDGEABLE, ENCOURAGING, KEEPS-ME-INLINE, life coach Juile Parker  has made a difference for me. I realized that it's okay to ask for help and that I sometimes need to! After quitting my "soul-sucking" job... a term I learned through reading The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown, I felt that I would spiral out of control if I did not organize myself, thoughts, and goals moving forward. Julie has a way of helping me truly dig deeper than I ever have to uncover what I truly want in the next chapter of my life!

I had the great honor of meeting up with Jess Greene this summer. Jess is the mastermind behind The Jumpstart Creativity Tour! She came to San Antonio a couple of weeks ago and we sat together with a few others and created art at a Starbucks downtown! This chick is brave and so determined to spread the power of creating art where you are NOW! She will ultimately travel to 50 cities this year, by herself, with a car full of art supplies and share her love of art and jumpstart your own creativity! It is such a beautiful way to see the country and she is spreading the word that art truly connects us! Check it out, maybe you can see her in your city!

I am taking Touch the Moon E-Course with Rachel Payne from Creativity Tribe! It has been a great ride. The course is definitely helping me to slow things down a bit and pay attention more to the inside. At night when I find the moon I remember to be still and listen. I take deep breaths and know that I am connected to an infinite wisdom that will never let me down.

Last but not least is my first ever video. This was fun. I was trying a technique on making tree branches using some paint and a straw! Looking back, next time I think I will use a white background and black paint instead because it would be easier to see and it has a more "asian" feel to me. I was attempting here to make a Cherry Blossom (only my favorite tree in the world)

Be warned that it may look like I am smoking something but really its just the lack of oxygen to my brain! ;o)

Soon Jeff will teach me how to make all these transitions and add the sound.... iMovie another skill to learn!! Didn't he do a great job?

Phew!!! Well I think that does it for now beauties! I hope you enjoyed my post. Wishing everyone a good next month as we move into Fall (my favorite time of year)!



Ann Marie said...

Too fun! I really enjoy seeing your paintings here on the blog. Keep sharing! And the videos - so much fun. I love that you got Jeff involved. Keep rockin it girl.

Rosemary Pizio said...

truely enjoyed reading your blog..and the video was fun... I could feel the fun as well. Congrats.

Leah Campbell Badertscher said...

Sofia - I haven't had a chance to watch the video yet but I love the story of your journey and your paintings! Also appreciated the insight about needing to disconnect from cyberspace for a few weeks. I am looking forward to being able to watch more of your journey unfold - thank you for sharing!
XOXO and congratulations!

Rachél Payne said...

Love this post ...a collage post. Perfect. I am so happy to have you in the class, Sofia! And your videos put HUGE smiles on my face. You are adorable.

Me said...

I think you should ever compare yourself with anyone else because everyone is unique in their own way and you my friend, are a very especial woman. There is only one just like you. So giving and loving specially helping others with nothing in return. Not everyone has that quality.
I’m glad that you are spending time to learn, grow and expand. It’s so good for the soul!
I have the "gift of imperfection" but I have not gotten to the book yet.
How is your progress and experience with Jess Green?

Flutter Before You said...

I enjoyed your post:)Fun to see your work, it's lovely! Have a Beautiful Day!

sofia said...

love you for the beautiful comments. thanks for reading!