February 11, 2013

Affirm the TRUTH of YOU!

I have been thinking about writing this post for sometime now. Something from within kept nudging me to share. I know when that happens I should pay careful attention because it is my spirit guiding me. 

It’s hard to ignore, especially in the mornings… in the space between waking up from a dream and what is real in the physical sense…have your been there? In that space where a floating sensation permeates your mind… but your body, as it moves, can feel the coolness of bed sheets left exposed. That is Spirit, my very soul shifting inside, telling me to listen and moving me to action.

This week I kept hearing and reading the words affirmation, truth, and divinity. They stood out to me more than ever before. I was not sure why but I knew that I had to sit down and write about how using affirmations has changed my life.  For the last two years I have faithfully practiced living with intention and remembering the truth of who I AM. This way of life is still very new and not without its difficulties. There are very trying days but I have come to understand that it is during these times when affirming my truth is critical! Consistent practice of writing and using affirmations has proven a very powerful exercise in my evolution.

It helps to be supported by my husband and my friends and family. The woman who changed it all for me though, is Reverend Linda Martella-Whitsett. Her book How to Pray without Talking to God changed my perspective on what TRUTH actually means. After taking several workshop classes with her I began to write affirmations according to her prescription by using juicy adjectives and really coming alive with a sense of authentic connection to my spirit.

There is a power behind the words we chose to speak! As a creative person and painter I have come to appreciate the idea that my mind is like a blank canvas. I can choose the words and thoughts I paint there. Using affirmations helps me to catch myself when I am speaking or thinking something that is not aligned with the TRUTH of who I AM. It is so much more than positive thinking which for me states I WILL as opposed to the more profound and powerful I AM. It is a verbal announcement to my spirit that I choose to live liberated from the fictions that I am not enough, worthy, beautiful or any other untruth. 

I write affirmations often and post them in several areas of my home. This is an effective way to build on my spiritual commitment. I know that using affirmations faithfully can work for you as well but you must commit to putting them on paper and using them! Affirmations also help me when I pray or meditate; they can be good mantras!

I made something for you. It is one page of affirmations I have written and that I use everyday. When I wake up in the morning I choose one that will be the focus for the rest of the day. 

It always amazes me that on the toughest days my chosen affirmation can pull me out of a dark place by staying committed. Please take it. Print it out and hang it up where you can see it. Make several copies and hand them out to friends. Spreading this message can elevate our spirits and how we live, love and move away from negative limitations. 

click this link to download.

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