February 25, 2013

Community* Connect* Collaborate* Create

Howdy Y'all!

I am writing a free ebook and I'm looking for contributors. 

The title of this ebook is: 

Looking for both women and men! Are you interested or know anyone that might be? Please respond below! Don't you think it's time for radical changes in the world? I certainly do. I believe we need to generate new holistic and creative ways of living in the 21st century. We must come together and design new models in our communities to affect meaningful change and give value back to thing things that truly matter.

If you are with me then contribute! You could choose any one or all of the 4 C's and express how and why it is important in your life, aspects of your world or global world today. One page will be sufficient. 

I'm providing contributors with a link back to their website along with a short bio and picture next to their story. 

Let's inspire one another and become catalysts for creative change!

The above might make me sound like I'm running for office but I assure you I am not. :) I am just a girl who wants people to be happy in their work and in life. I value being an artist and this is a great way to honor that! Are you with me?

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