February 23, 2013

Saturday Poetry and Story

I have been so very much, enjoying the space and time in the morning right before the sun comes up, writing. It is a sacred time indeed and I wanted to share today some of my writings. It's a little bit nerve-wracking because these are things I never share. I think it's okay now. 

Emily Noelle

As I sit and watch 
the rain fall from the sky 
feelings of renewal and hope
wash over my soul.

The possibilities of new adventures
shine in through the window
as the sun breaks through the clouds. 

The coolness of rain has awakened
this inner hope 
and the heat of the sun
moves the energy inside towards
transformation and evolution of my life. 

The Rainbow Scribe
The light is bright and blinding. After a few seconds, hues of red, yellow, and orange adjust to my eyes.

I stand illuminated. 
I stand in the light of myself. 

My heart and soul become one and I radiate so brightly that my body can no longer be seen. 

What beauty is this? What joy? What love is this?

God? is that you?

Sofia in an Italian Cafe´

Maybe this will be a short story? I was recalling my time in Italy. How I wish to go back again!

She played with the necklace that dangled around her fingers as she leaned her elbows on the table below. The fizz of her strawberry soda settled as the pink foam evaporated into the air. Looking far into the distance she searched for the pictures in her mind that would illuminate the path she should follow. She lingered there for a moment or two and after a few minutes the noise of the streetcars snapped her back to her current reality. The waiter came back to the heavy, rustic table with her order. The food smelled deliciously divine. The smell of basil and garlic teased her nostrils and instantly she felt the sensation of hunger return. Each bite was a mini explosion in her mouth. Her eyes closed at every savory bite and her mind produced colors for each flavor she recognized. The sun peeked through a flapping umbrella above and reflected his light on a glass of red wine that she now focused her attention on. Heaven! The food, the place, the sounds, and smells were absolute Heaven. The corners of her mouth held red tomato sauce that she slowly licked off as if trying to stimulate each taste bud from the tip of her tongue. After another gulp of wine, she exhaled in satisfaction. For a moment, she'd forgotten all of her problems. For a moment, she allowed herself to enjoy life. She came to the end of her meal and like a puff of smoke that vanishes into the air, so did the heavenly feeling that permeated her body and soul a few moments before. Staring off into the distance again she played the video tape of her life over and over. What to do? What to do? Will the answers come... and when? Will it all be okay?

Expressing through writing today. Thank you for reading. How will you express your creativity today?

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