March 11, 2013

Goddess Chronicles Getting to Know Jill Lambert

Get to know the participants of The Goddess Chronicles! This is an A-MAZING, international tribe of goddesses who have come together to collaborate on a project close to our hearts! 

The Goddess Chronicles is an intention to hold the highest vision of all  women through expressive and artistic creations. It is a traveling art journal full of love to be donated to a non-profit organization empowering young girls. 

There is a change that is stirring in the souls of women around the world more than ever!  Our goal is to document a small piece of this evolution for younger generations of goddesses. Our hope is that The Goddess Chronicles will help girls and women alike recognize the profound love within to expand their creativity and cultivate living an authentic and happy life! You can read more about it by clicking on the above tabs. 

Over the next several weeks I will be introducing the members of this international collaborative. I hope you will follow along on this very special journey with us! I would like to introduce Goddess Jill Lambert in her own words below.

I'm a former middle school English teacher who now works part-time in my former middle-school library until I can be an artist full-time! I love lilacs, dark chocolate, and the color yellow.  And the color turquoise and light blue, and vibrant pink--color makes me happy!

My grandpa was an artist and made a living through his art; although he died when I was four, I do remember visiting him in his basement studio.  My hubby and I bought that house after we got married and every time I went into the basement I thought of him.  He was my first inspiration and I so wish he was still here to guide me.  

I'm adopted and have met both my birth parents though that didn't turn out exactly how I had dreamed, but I'm learning that every experience is shaping me into who I am today.  I grew up with two younger brothers and I have some really great friends that I've been with since first grade and I feel so lucky to still be with them! 

Spring is my favorite season...I love being able to finally open the windows and listen to the birdies sing--I am a whole new person when better weather arrives in Wisconsin!  When I'm in a really good mood I love to sing at the top of my lungs, mostly because I'm happy but also to annoy my daughter:) 

I have a 12-year-old daughter whom I love more than I can explain.  I have lupus. Due to my kidneys inflammation I had to endure 18 months of chemotherapy. As a result of this, I experienced early menopause at age 39 and can no longer have anymore kids--I really wanted Isabella to have a sister or brother so I've slowly been accepting this even though it is hard. 

I love love love reading, mostly fiction, but some memoirs have really made an impact on me.  If I could paint, read and maybe walk a beach everyday I'd be in heaven!  I dream of traveling to Bora Bora and staying in a hut over the water, traveling to Greece, Italy and Paris.  I also hope to go to Africa and stay at Giraffe Manor someday, a place where the giraffes roam free around the resort. Jamaica has been the best place I've ever vacationed and would love to live by the Caribbean Sea.  

I also dream of playing drums in a really cool band like the Foo Fighters, but don't actually play any instruments and I love love love chubby babies! 

I believe art heals and credit my lupus and kidney disease to push me to paint and leave my full-time teaching job 3 years ago.  Ever since then my kidneys went into remission.  Painting and creating brings me so much joy--probably the only activity that causes me to forget to eat on some days!

My art business is called Jill's Dream Artwork because ever since I watched my grandpa paint, I had the dream to create art and share it with the world.


This Moment said...

Oh my Sofia! Thank you so much for posting this so we can all get to know each other better!

Jill XO

LindaKay said...

What a wonderful idea Sophia ~ I am really looking forward to getting to know all the Goddesses.

Jill you are such sweet and optimistic person full of love. Lovely to learn more about you.

Sydneyn said...

Hello Goddess, so wonderful to get to know you. :-D

Sofia Dabalsa said...

I am so excited for real connections and getting to know each other more deeply!

Claudia Olivos and Sergio OlivosM said...

Thank you for opening so much heart space for us Goddess Sofia!

Jill, thank you SO much for sharing.
I too had a problem and although once dreamed of a houseFULL of childen... we have one.
Four years ago I had a miscarriage and it took LOADS of healing to arrive at where I am now: a *knowing* that this IS my path- and ALL is well and for Divine plans!
Much love and peace to you both Sofia and Jill!