March 17, 2013

Goddess Chronicles Getting to Know Sydney Neblet

Today's Goddess Chronicles highlight is Sydney Neblett. Sydney and her daughters are doing some AH-MAZING work ya'll! It is so inspiring to see so many women living their dream and doing things to make a difference! Read on!

I think one of the hardest things to do is to talk about yourself. I am learning though, that in order to succeed we need to be our own greatest advocates.  So here it goes:
My name is Sydney Neblett, I am the single mother of 2 amazing little girls. One is a chef/engineer in the making and the other a prima ballerina hopeful. My alternate ego, if you will, is working at the hospital as a medical coder.  My true self emerges when I get home and put on my sweats.

I love nothing more then to be working in my craft area/living room creating new works of art.  I sew, paint, draw and any other craft that calls to me in the space between my living room and dining room. I love when the creative juices get to flowing, from the moment the idea sparks in my head until the finished product presents its self. 

What makes my heart sing is when my girls and I are able to help others. There is no greater feeling in the world then being able to give someone else an opportunity they might never have been able to have otherwise. My daughters have been blessed to enjoy any wonderful artistic opportunities in life from ballet, viola, Irish dance, art, sewing, even cooking.  I feel it is my turn to share these opportunities with other young women who may have never gotten the chance.

That is why I am in the process of taking my company "Dream's Achievement" non-profit.  My company is "helping young women experience, learn and love the arts by providing scholarships, opportunities, guidance and mentoring."  I am just getting started, but so far I have been able to offer 4 scholarships. In order to provide these scholarships, and hopefully many to come, I design, make and sell items in the store part of my website where all of the proceeds go towards our mission. Some items are designated for certain goals, like our scholarship fund, while others just go towards our general mission. Currently we are working on compiling a book of donated recipes to put together and sell, raising funds to help provide cooking classes to young women in our area.  We are always looking for individuals who are interested in helping us by becoming members, donating items for the store, or offering to be a mentor.

My business info is:

What I dream of most is being able to totally devote my time towards my business. Allowing me to provide even more opportunities to young women, all over the states, to free their inner artist and become what they are meant to be. I know I said it was hard to talk about myself, but I found writing this to be very freeing.  Putting my dream out there for everyone to see helps to make it even that more real to me.

Have a fabulous day!


Sydneyn said...

Thank you Sofia! You are such an inspiration to all of us. Your heart rules your life and it shows in everything that you do.

Anonymous said...

:) this warms my heart. Thank you for shining bright!