March 4, 2013

New York City

Photo by Art Horangi

My trip to NY City was good for the soul. It was nice to change the pace and scenery of our lives. I remembered how much traveling puts things in perspective and energizes me to make positive changes in my life.

We arrived late Friday night worn out from the physicality of traveling; moving from different points and keeping up with the rushing crowds. A clean and comfortable bed called to us but not before a slice of NY pizza! We ventured out a few blocks from the hotel to find that slice of doughy heaven we both craved. Jeff relaxed with a beer as we listened to some live music. I enjoyed people watching and really savored the moment.

One of the highlights of NY City was meeting my artist friends Jade Scarlett, Claudia Ovilos and Shiloh Sophia! Words can’t begin to describe the special connections we made together. Jade, Claudia, Jeff and I met at the New York City Open Center in a small cafĂ©. As we walked past the glass of the center, I looked to my left and saw Jade and Claudia sitting there sipping on tea and talking. I was nervous and excited all at once. 

I am so blessed to have Jeff there with me supporting my creative endeavors and meeting new people.  I rushed in to greet them. We were all very happy and elated to see each other because up until that point had just used Facebook to connect. After good conversation and herbal tea, me, Jade and Claudia went upstairs to start our class Soul Fire: Ignite your calling, with Shiloh Sophia.

Shiloh Sophia is a warm and radiant being. She is kind and loving and doing work that really makes a difference. Gathering with a group of women in a sacred space and with a common goal continues to transform me. I believe that this is necessary work in the world. 

I came away from this meeting feeling that I have a mission to continue to facilitate creativity in my own unique ways. Without fear!

I learned that holding the space for other women is an extraordinary gift.  We all want to be seen, heard, valued and loved. Gatherings like this help that happen. I was also very aware…that the moments with these women could never be re-created. We were all called together and meant to be together that day, and in some way reflect to one another the Truth of who we are. I made a short video of our time.

There were conversations, some crying, and a lot of chocolate! Mostly we laughed and beamed with joy. My heart was smiling. I made new friends and learned a new and less controlled way of painting! Absolutely will be doing more of this kind of painting. Ideas are bubbling in my head and heart. Thanks to Shiloh Sophia and all the beautiful women who I had the privilege of working with, I am enriched as a result.

The second highlight was celebrating Jeff’s birthday in NYC. After cappuccinos with Jade and Claudia and seeing them safely off, Jeff and I walked down from 9th avenue headed back to the hotel on 3rd. We decided to find a nice restaurant to eat dinner for his birthday. I walked close to him with our arms wrapped tightly together. It had been snowing on and off since 3pm that day. Halfway through our walk it began to snow again. I felt like I was in a dream. The whole day had just come and gone too fast. The sounds, lights, and crisp winter snow stimulated me in a deep way.  

The snow melted into me and became a bright, white light that illuminated my soul. All I could do was smile. It has been years since I have seen snow let alone have it touch my face. I imagined each snowflake as a wish coming true for all the women I had met that day and all the women I will meet in this life. I closed my eyes for a few seconds and visualized my dreams.

I looked over and saw the perfect place to eat. It was so inviting and cozy! We sat down and relaxed with wine and talked about how necessary travel is in our lives. After about thirty minutes or so the restaurant filled up. A couple moved from one end of the bench right next to us. It was very European style seating! Which, I love. 

The man said that he did not like the energy coming from where they had been seated so they moved away and closer to where we were. I understand energy very well and I knew exactly what he meant.

We began a conversation with our new friends, Lazarus and Tania, his best friend who had just come from Australia. Immediately I sensed she was sad and looked a bit tired…but not tired from travel …tired from heavy emotions. At one point in the evening she excused herself and went to the restroom. My heart hurt for her, as I knew the emotions were too heavy and ultimately manifested as tears in her eyes. Her best friend Lazarus explained a painful time in her life. Instantly I started praying in my head…God please take care of her and show her her worth…. I kept reciting this at every empty moment in my mind.

It was a fortuitous night for me because I realized that my calling is in a way is to hold the space for women, whether they know it or not… in a formal space or not…to believe in their healing and wholeness. I realized that I have done this all my life. For some reason, there in cozy NYC restaurant, with a complete stranger I was Love. I hoped to reflect that to her.

After cake, hours of good conversation and laughter we said goodbye. I hugged this woman tightly and wanted her to know that she is love, loved, and all would be well. With tears in her eyes she squeezed my hands and said thank you. It is tough to describe emotions but I feel like I made a difference for her that night because I FELT it. Starring into each other’s eyes was like being a mirror for each other, reflecting only Truth. A powerful moment indeed. 

The workshop I had taken earlier that day now seemed so long ago but still I carried that memory with me as we walked back to our hotel. The snow on my face again reminded me of big wishes for women in the world. It also reminded me to live in gratitude and travel often. I wish the same for you!


This Moment said...

Sofia-this is so amazing! You are definitely making a difference in so many women's lives - I feel honored even to just know you online! This post you shared really made me feel like I know you just a bit better.

Ann Marie said...

Sofia, this is such a beautiful telling of your weekend NYC adventure. I had tears in my eyes while reading. You are such a gracious and loving woman. That gal was so lucky to have you in her presence when she seemed to need it. And how fun to meet online friends for the first time. Do you remember when we first met in person? Magic!

kelly corso said...

What a great post! I felt like I was there too! So glad to know you, even if it's just online for now!!! XOXO Kelly

Cat Athena Louise said...

Very beautiful. Sounds like you had an amazing time! C x

Sydneyn said...

Sofia, I am so glad that you had such a wonderfully enriching experience on your trip.

Janne Aubrey said...

In love with Love and travel - me too! I so appreciate you!

Jennifer Koss said...

I love your descriptions, really sounds like a beautiful trip I've always wanted to go to New York.