April 22, 2013

Color of Woman: Kachina

Hello beautiful people!

April has been a most contemplative month for me. I have been writing and dreaming about creating my life around the things that matter most and that I love the most. I have had to slow down and really take a rest. I can see how the first quarter of my "Luminous" year was about laying the foundation for the new future. 

Journal Cover for friend 2013

As I begin a new quarter of 2013 I prepare for a time of building up taking care to construct a framework that will hold. I look forward to the next three months on my journey of living whole-heartedly, authentically, intentionally... feeling my way through. I must remember to be gentle with myself, as I have been told self-care is paramount now. 

Living intentionally takes practice and I have committed to my painting and my Color of Woman Training this month and for the next five months. My intention is to heal my soul, help those around me heal, and hold hands with fellow sisters, as we boldly transform a global society with paintbrushes in hand! Please support my fundraiser towards this end. I appreciate any and everyone's help. 

This is my first painting from the training my mentor Shiloh Sophia facilitated in our class. I am kind of in love with her. I would like to introduce you to Kachina, she is my legendary self. We have spent the last three weeks together. I have gotten to know her intimately and she reminds me of my strength. She came through the portal of my canvas and now I will share her with the world. 

This month I have remembered that I am inspired by:

  • vibrant paint colors
  • Klimt
  • Under the Tuscan Sun the movie and the book
  • Rome, Milan, and Florence, Italy
  • family
  • my nieces
  • My husband Jeff
  • UNITY of SA
  • my friends online and off
  • Flowers whenever
  • brisk autumn days full of oranges, reds, and yellows
  • artwork that speaks to my soul
  • Pavarotti's nessun dorma on surround sound very loud :)
  • writing about my emotions
  • connecting with kindreds
  • music in general makes me come alive
  • Traveling
  • giving my heart away through art
  • candles
  • a hot shower
  • Collaborating with others

What inspires you? What makes you light up with Joy? Tell us. Then do one thing today that will move your towards that joy! I dare you! 


Claudia and Sergio Olivos said...

Dearest beautiFULL Sofia,
I am so happy for you in birthing this gorgeous "mirror": your Kachina.
I am so excited for you and all that you are doing!....keep *breathing in breathing out* remembering that self care + and dedicated work to what we love is the equisite yin yang of life this is mirmagical so glad to be a witness to the unfolding!
te quiero hermanita!!

Shiloh said...

YOU inspire me with your beauty and perspective!

Ann Marie said...

Wow! I love her Sofia. Wonderful.

Misty Frederick-Ritz, Raven Hollow Studio said...

You are a light in this world, My Dear!