May 1, 2013

Liberating Inner Beauty with Lucia Gabriela

Hello beautiful friends! It feels like it has been a while since I blogged but really its been less than a week. I am definitely staying busy in the studio and with my Color of Women Training. Last week was the launch of a collaboration with my good friend Claudia Olivos...Hermana Sagrada which means Sacred Sister. We thank everyone who has signed up for our first course and all the support we have received! Sisterhood is a marvelous thing and creating these spaces for us to connect is our absolute pleasure! 

Speaking of sisterhood, my friend Lucia Gabriela from Liberating Inner Beauty has started a Revolution! When I heard of her story and her mission to empower women by liberating inner beauty from self-created and inherited abuse, fear, guilt and self-imprisonment I was intrigued. 

Lucia is a Board Certified Holistic Health and Wellness coach that helps women tap into their inner true majesty with awareness, appreciation, gratitude and infinite love. She believes that when our bodies are in alignment we can walk the path of optimal health and create the platform for future generations who deserve to live in an environment of peace, harmony, love, abundance, freedom, and prosperity. 

As a writer and one who has researched body image for the last six years, I know that how a woman feels about her body affects almost everything she does. I was moved by Lucia's drive and belief in changing the way we think about our emotional, spiritual, and physical faculties. 

Will you join me in Liberating Inner Beauties Revolution? Its a 28 day revolution and best of all it is FREE! For 28 days you will receive 28 amazing soulful, inspiring, juice, yummy, fun and short emails. 

Lucia has partnered with amazing health and life coaches, spiritual healers and mentors, personal and yoga trainers, body image experts, artists and experts in various fields – together they will deliver amazing content that will inspire you, motivate you and guide you to the liberation of your inner beauty and true being from Abuse, Fear, Guilt and Self Imprisonment so you can welcome your true majesty with Awareness – Acceptance, Appreciation, Gratitude and Infinite Love.

What will each email will contain to Liberate your Inner Beauty for 28 days?

  • One Empowering and Inspiring Quote with a beautiful art work.
  • One Liberating Juice recipe to cleanse/detox your body from self-created, inheritance and environmental toxins.
  • One Liberating SuperFood that removes toxins from your body, promotes healthy cells for a youthful body, preserve and improve your energy levels.
  • One Empowering Body Exercise for a Succulent body to show off this summer.
  • One Inspirational Relaxing Exercise or Visualizations to free your mind, heart and soul from those vicious feelings and thoughts that are keeping you stuck and limiting you from moving forward and preventing you from reaching what you desire.
  • One Empowering and Liberating Meditation to release Abuse, Fear, Guilt and Self Imprisonment and imprint Awareness-Acceptance, Appreciation, Gratitude and Infinite Love – one meditation per week.

In 28 days you will experience an amazing YOU and welcome your forgotten True MAJESTY with awareness, acceptance, appreciation  gratitude and love. 
I would love it if you would support Lucia's vision and empower YOURSELF towards a more healthful life! 


Evie Abat said...

Love it! Looking forward to participating with you! Evie (BSchool Babe with Sexy, Sassy, & Soulful)

Ruth Bleakley-Thiessen said...

Sounds amazing, I'm looking forward to this so much, thanks!