May 3, 2013

Spiritual Intelligence and Painting as a Sacred Practice

Hello Beautiful People of the World! Today's blog post ties together two things that I recently realized were inextricably connected. The journey with the Color of Women has me uncovering insights that inform my daily decisions, my creation of art, and what it means to be teacher of this kind of sacred work. 

Conversations within the COW vessel sparked some connections between my interaction and experiences with my mentor, Shiloh Sophia, and a book I am reading called SQ21: The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual Intelligence. 

As we began to talk about the topics of Archetypes and Personality Types, immediately my awareness intensified and I began to deepen my thoughts about what I have been learning and interpreting in COW and SQ 21. 

In the book, Cindy Wigglesworth talked about the MYERS BRIGGS Personality Test and how it relates to MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES. The author stated, "Typologies like Myers Briggs are descriptors of innate personal preferences that stay with a person regardless of the state or stage that person is in. 

              Shiloh Sophia Queen of Her Own Heart

For example an Introvert remains an introvert at all stages of development. However, how that introversion expresses may change as people mature through stages. Typologies merit discussion in terms of helping people to develop their skills – as people will have preferred means of learning based on typology, and preferred forms of spiritual expression/devotional practices." 

(stay with me...)

I have seen this in my own life. I am characterized as an INFJ personality type. As a child I was fiercely introverted and lacked social skills. As I moved through life situations, I would force myself to do things that would push my social limits to expand and interact with others. I am still introverted and absolutely must have my alone time. Understanding this has helped me tremendously. 

Although I think I already knew, I realized that for me, painting is a very sacred and spiritual practice. It is an extension of my prayer to GOD the ONE CREATIVE SOURCE. I understand NOW that is why many times I don't know HOW i painted it magically appeared on the canvas. It is SPIRIT guiding me through that deep dimension within. This is why I believe in the sacred work represented in The Color of Women. 

I also believe that there are Multiple Intelligences we should pay attention to in ourselves and in others. Wigglesworth talks about the emphasis placed on IQ and that we forget about the other forms of intelligences. Here is another excerpt: 

"Our “Intelligence Quotient” or “IQ” is generally thought of as our analytical or mathematical intelligence and our linguistic intelligence (think of college entrance exams – verbal and math components). Initially it was expected that IQ would be a strong predictor of success in careers. In fact it has turned out to be a weak predictor of success. IQ appears to be related to minimum standards to enter a given a profession. Once you have chosen your career, what actually leads to success is far more complicated."

This was HUGE for me because I have long believed that our society created a system that valued only MATH and SCIENCE. I think this may have something to do with so many being unsatisfied in their current jobs. I don't know... I am still researching potential correlations...but I do think that in this way we are producing a nation of employees and not citizens. It is time to balance the value of the Arts and the Sciences... not work from only one extreme. Truly, we need both. Last week at church Reverend Linda reminded us that there is a gift in flowing from the right and the left brain, the Critic and the Muse as we refer to in COW. All of these concepts tie together. It reminds me of the Yin and Yang of life. 

                                                                          Moira Gil

"Howard Gardner opened the door to discussion of “multiple intelligences” with his book Frames of Mind in 1983. He listed seven different types of intelligences in that book:

1. Linguistic
2. Logical-mathematical
3. Musical
4. Bodily-kinesthetic 
5. Spatial
6. Interpersonal
7. Intrapersonal

Gardner’s 6th and 7th intelligences are combined into the study of “Emotional Intelligence” by Daniel Goleman and others."

Now what really made me LIGHT UP was this...

"In Intelligence Reframed, 1999, Gardner offers that one might add a “philosophical intelligence” which would combine spiritual, moral, emotional, transcendental, cosmic, and religious intelligences." 

I think that much of the work we are doing in COW falls under Philosophical Intelligence. I feel that we are exercising the spiritual, moral, emotional, transcendental, cosmic, and religious muscles each time we listen to an audio, watch a video, write or paint towards The COW method. IT IS MORE THAN PAINTING. The amazing thing about this is that we are all FEELING this! Each person involved in the method has expressed it in one way or another. 

Wigglesworth goes on to say this, which I think speaks clearly of what is occurring with me and many of us within the COW vessel:

"In the end, we are alike in our suffering, our hopes and our joys. We are all striving to reach the same goals: peace and love. Perhaps with a clear, concrete and faith-neutral language for SQ we can see our commonality and work together towards getting there."

This is EXACTLY what I am doing now within COW. Shiloh Sophia has asked us to give birth to the language of our souls. Finding the LANGUAGE of this sacred work has required hours of writing, listening, meditating, painting, honoring, and holding a space for others! 

I am doing this work so that I can bring it to masses of women, men and chidren....seeking PEACE in their hearts, minds, souls, bodies, and environments. I whole-heartedly feel that all of us in the world today are closer to practicing building our SQ, spiritual intelligence. My sisters in COW are building SQ so that they can begin to articulate the Vision of their lives, bring others towards this way of BEING with the MUSE, who is directly connected to the ONE CREATIVE SOURCE, and find a common ground on which to live with a greater sense of peace in all we do and touch in life. 

I am super excited about these connections! I have been wanting to express them as I make my way through learning about spiritual intelligence and my unfolding journey through COW

Thank you for reading! If you are interested, here is a link to some of Cindy Wigglesworth's writing:


Christina Fajardo said...

Beautiful Sofia, I had to read your post more than once for it to all soak in.... Love to you lovely lady

Sofia Dabalsa said...

Yes Christina. It has taken many revolutions to get to express these points. I should have put a Warning Label on my post :) xxx