June 7, 2013

Community, Sisterhood, and Art Oh My!

Howdy! Happy Friday to you all! 
It has been a busy time over here in my Cafe´Arte´Studio the past month! Writing curriculum, video making, painting, Color of Woman training, and teaching workshops! Phew! It is all good though because every one of these comes from LOVE! I am in awe and living in gratitude at all of the wonderful people I continue to meet in person and online! 
Building a community is so important to me at this point in my life!  Here are some pictures of a very special workshop I taught this week. 
If you are in a place where building community is calling you I would love for you to join me, Claudia Olivos and close to one hundred Hermanas Sagradas next month on July 12th for Santos Luminosos!  or on August 30th for El Vuelo: Flying together in Sisterhood!  Sign up for any of our courses and you will be granted access into this very sacred circle. 

Claudia and I invite you for these exciting online creativity courses where we will work with the Sacred energy of ritual! Rituals are deeply grounded in our own Latin American background which has roots not only on the Old World religions but also in Native American and other ancient cultures.
In each of these courses you will be led to create two projects, as well as working in your Diario Sagrado (Sacred Journal) via writing and art journaling prompts. 
Santos Luminosos is a fun course in which we will illuminate intentions with Veladorasyou will decorate your own votive candle to use in your daily life for intention, meditation, or prayer and you will also create your very own Santo –you will create a Folk Art style Santo on wood!

At Hermana Sagrada we believe in forging strong bonds within our community through creativity, sharing, and loving support. We are so excited about this course where we will be creating whimsical art inspired by the saying: "just when the caterpillar had given up all hope, she spread her wings and became a butterfly/mariposa"... 

We will be creating a 3D sculptural Mariposa and you will be led to create your own Mixed Media painting from start to finish. From the drawing and painting to integrating the figure into an abstract mixed media textured background!

I hope you will join us! Have a wonderful weekend. 

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