June 27, 2013

Sacred Dreaming

I just had to share this here today...documenting the journey and the path....of COW. 
I let Talisman sit for a couple of weeks because it was intense and because I love looking at the brightness of her and her blue skin. 
I paused for a moment in a dream and to dream ...I painted my Sacred Dreamer during the month of June.  She was a joy to be with. I learned a lot about my dreams and goals with her. I learned that it really is easier and so much more fun to live when you follow your heart. 

In this painting the hearts symbolize my dreams and wishes. The yellow bird sings to me and reminds me to be still and listen. She whistles the songs of my soul back to me like soft music. Look at her earring. Can you tell what it is? Yes! Her earring is a dream catcher.

I have long had a love affair with the Wizard of Oz and Dorothy. The yellow brick road represents my story and reminds me that I have the brains, heart, and courage to awaken and fulfill my deepest desires. 
One morning this week I found a comment on Facebook from a sweet friend that  said: "I love how you explained the meaning of your beautiful painting...seems like you have always had the power to go home, Dorothy!"
It hit me like golden sunlight warm on my face. Yes! I do have the power to go home! WE ALL DO. Have you been home lately? Visit the house where your soul lives. Knock on the door and the Muse will let you in. Step through that door and open yourself to the wisdom and Truth of yourself. 
Again, this morning I woke up with such a sense of gratitude in my heart. As I watched the sunlight come through the window blinds... I could see the water's reflection from the pool outside on my ceiling...the way the water and the sun danced upon the dry wall above me...it was like I was looking into a live portal. It was magnetizing and just like what happens when I paint and get ready to meet the Muse. 
I am so grateful for the space and time of my life RIGHT NOW. I am so grateful to have been blessed to be on this path with all of you dreamers!
I know now that this feeling will not end because I have been shown the way to access it! My eyes may be closed but I can see everything! Words can't express what is inside for my teachers and mentors. Especially Shiloh.  
My Facebook friends' words pulled it all together for me! 
I am telling the whole world OVER and OVER again! There is MAGIC HERE! There is PEACE HERE! 

Come paint with me, I will show you. 

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