July 29, 2013

Manifest Monday

Happy Manifest Monday.

This weekend I spent painting with my sweet husband Jeff, my mentor Shiloh Sophia, and about 150 other Facebook friends. We painted being in abundance, so its natural that today I am focused on manifesting my abundance.

Here is Jeff's painting called Lady Abundance. I love the symbols he chose to represent his abundance story. The Cardinal , a chalice of overflowing water, the dragonfly...the purple circles represent his possibilities and ideas, the pyramid honors the past, the mask represents his love for acting and the wing on her shoulder represents the future. Her eyes are closed because he stated he wanted her to focus on abundance through the third eye of wisdom.

What I have learned about abundance is that it is not a place to arrive it is truly a state of being. I get to choose abundance every day. In the morning when I wake up next to the man I love and who loves me back I feel abundant. When I look up at the sky in the middle of the day during any circumstance I remember that the world is an abundant place. When I hear my nieces singing or laughing my heart is fully abundant.

I know that there are hard times and that sometimes it's hard for us to feel abundant. During these times it is important to stop and clear my mind. I have moved to a point in my life that even through all of the rough patches there is room for experiencing life through the lens of abundance. Its a choice. I can choose.

During our painting session this weekend we were prompted to ask our Muse of Abundance for ten words and write a letter or poem. Here is what I came up with:

Prosperity Possibilities
I am taking FLIGHT into a new world of living my true nature of abundance. The world is and abundant world and I am BLOOMING. I dance with LOVE and JOY beaming from my heart. My soul shines in divine RADIANCE as I move towards new GROWTH. My HAPPINESS shows in all I do. The BEAUTY from within is my true WEALTH. I live in ACCEPTANCE of this new story of my abundance!

She came out looking like this. I am still not finished with her. I want to add more flowers into her hair and she is asking me for a symbol near to her ear. I love the colors that came out of the meditation. It has a very tropical feel to it. I kept thinking Hawaii, blue for water, her hair is a lei, bird for my future story of an abundant life and doing it all with Love, which is represented by the heart on her forehead.

What is your story of abundance and what will you be manifesting this Monday? Love and light to all.

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