July 19, 2013

Santos Luminosos

Santos Luminosos (Luminous Saints) Course Begins on August 30th

What do you wish for? What do you want more of in your life? It's time to illuminate your dreams.  Illuminate them by setting an intention. We will start this class by writing the "whys" of your special intention. Then we will take that positive energy and create una vela sagrada (sacred candle) using the words and images that resonate with you. Next you will paint a picture of your trusted guide and saint to help radiate the intention you hold in your heart. Claudia and I invite you on this exciting online creativity course where the group will work with the Sacred energy of ritual! Rituals are deeply grounded in our own Latin American background which has roots not only on the Old World religions but also in Native American culture. I promise you will love this!

You will be led to create two projects, as well as working in your Diario Sagrado (Sacred Journal) via writing and art prompts. This is a fun course on illuminating intentions with Veladorasyou will decorate your own votive candle to use in your daily life for intention, meditation, or prayer and you will also create your very own Santo –you will create a Folk Art style Santo on wood!

Both Veladoras and Santos, are objects of veneration that lie at the very heart of Latino cultural tradition and we want to share that with YOU! 

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We aim to create community while we help one another unfurl our beautiful Alas/wings so that we may all soar as beautifully and as high as we know we can. We believe that ritual is one of the paths that can get us closer to the Divine.

This course will begin on August 30th and will be shared through our online Sancutario/Santuary on a wordpress blog. We will also meet within our online community: “Hermana Sagrada” where we hope everyone will stop by for some te con leche and comunidad ...sharing your thoughts, your art… and most of all your corazon (heart) in our loving community of Sisterhood.

What’s Included in the Santos Luminosos course?

*Private links into the classroom for Veladora, Retablo de Santo, and Bonus Lesson Instructions
*Supply lists *demonstration videos
*Guided meditations
*A safe and sacred cocoon via Hermanasagrada Facebook group where you will be invited to share as much or as little as you like with lots of feedback from Sofia & Claudia 
*Printable drawing of your Mariposa guides Sofia & Claudia
*Daily musings by your Mariposa Hermana’s Sofia & Claudia to keep you elevated and sharing as we build a community of sacred friendships
*Journaling prompts that invite you to self-inquiry and inner work… to help you feel comfortable even as you may struggle to unfurl your wings (because as we know, the struggle pumps health and vitality to our beautiful Alas!)
We know you have many options to choose from when deciding on what online art class to take. We hope you are intrigued by our offerings and take some of our courses. 
Stay tuned for a give-away announcement next week! 

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