July 25, 2013

Tutorial Thursday

Hi Friends. Yay it's Tutorial Thursday again at Hermana Sagrada and I wanted to share what I did for my art studio space. It was important for me to have an altar of items that are important to me and remind me of my connection to others. Most of the items on my altar have been things given to me with a few things that bring me joy. I have some pictures and videos to share with you all today.  

So we had an old sofa table that was black. I wanted to use it as my altar but it needed to be white to match all the furniture in the studio. 

It was a very hot morning but I managed to get the table spray painted without any issues and it dryed very fast. 

Here is video number one to show you the table just before I began to paint it. 

Here is the table after it was spray painted and added the slate pieces in. I used the back side of the slate because I thought it matched more the light feeling I was going for. 

I love how it just pops right out of the dark flooring. 

Here is the second video on what is going on my altar.

It is getting easier for me to open up and share with videos. At first I was very nervous but I am glad now that I am feeling good about all the love that is out in the world and that we can all be in community together around things that are important to each of us. 

This is a picture of all of the final pieces put in place. There is my gorgeous butterfly red thread dress! I am going to put her in a shadow box to protect the material that is in such pristine condition. 

 Here are photos of some of the items that live on my altar. This picture is a picture of a tee-shirt I bought when I was 15 of Romeo and Juliette. I love the 1968 version with Olivia Hussey. I placed a picture of Jeff and I on our trip to Hawaii because he is my Romeo :)

This mermaid was hand made by one of the most talented artists I have met on my journey. Daisy Coba crafted this with her hands. It is a mermaid to remind me of beauty!

These little guys remind me of when I was a little kid. I loved watching all of the Little Rascals episodes. My favorite was Spanky especially when he was very young like 3 or 4 years old. When I grew up I collected the shows on tape so I could watch them over and over. I would love to get them in DVD or Blue Ray if they are available. They remind me that IMAGINATION is important to living.  

My altar would not be complete without my Cleopatra. I have read every single book I could find on her life and influence. To me, she was all of the archetypes rolled into one. I made this mixed media piece at a workshop at Viva Bookstore where I now teach my own workshops. Love that irony. 

One last video of a finishing touch to the altar. I love how the lights frame the new altar. 

Thanks so much for reading and watching. If you have an altar or a tutorial to share I would love to read about it! Leave a link in the comments section. Live in joy ya'll!

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Daisy said...

Hay, Amiga tu altar esta precioso! Me encanta. No me di cuenta que colgaste el cuadro que te regale. A mi tambien en encanta Cleopatra. Me encantarĂ­a tener el espacio y hacer uno, pero tengo que ponerlo en la lista de mis deseos ♥ /
Hey Girlfriend, your altar is beautiful! I love it. I did not realize you hung the mixed media art piece that I gave you. Me too, I like Cleopatra. I would love to have space and make one but I need to put it on my bucket list ♥