July 17, 2013

Whimsical Wednesday

Finally we are all moved in! Yay for no more boxes and getting rid of the clutter. Although I would have much preferred to travel with my honey this summer Divine Order was in action. Besides I have a great new art studio that I have been organizing and infusing with love and light. This week I have spent a lot of time in there writing and planning in the mornings and late at night. 

Soon I will be able to share the workshops I have lined up for the Fall and beginning of 2014. Anyone want to come to Italy? Mmmuuhahahaha (wriggling my hands). I hope some of you will join me online and in person! Today, I wanted to share a video of the studio and an amazing revelation I had last week. 

I received a huge validation from my inner little girl. A couple of years ago my mother gave me a dress I wore when I was a child. She saved it for all these years. I kept it safe because I remember wearing it and feeling happy in it. My grandfather owned a dress factory and had the dress made for me. I wanted to honor the little girl that I had pushed away for so long so I proudly hung the dress up where my altar will live in the art studio. As I hung it up I became very emotional. I realized 2 important things. My strong symbol the butterfly was duplicated in different parts of the dress. The butterfly has such a significant meaning for me and is the icon of my Soulful Metamorphosis and Hermana Sagrada Sisterhood

I was surprised that it has been with me since I was a child. As I looked closer to the dress I noticed the red lines in it and immediately thought of the Red Thread of connection. In my Color of Woman Training, we learn to establish a sacred container for the community through coming together in circle. We honor this community by performing a Red Thread Ceremony in which we pass around a red thread that symbolically connects us to our intentions and each other. A powerful and moving practice it is. As I looked over the dress it became so clear to me that I am on the right path. I continue to recognize the synchronicity of seemingly disconnected people, places and things and my attitude and experiences are elevated.    

SAP ALERT! MUSHINESS AHEAD! (you have been warned).

I made a video to share with you my humble art studio and my experience. I tend to get emotional during times like this and I get choked up and cry. Really I am mostly happy, happy, joy,  joy but it is in the moments like this that my truest most vulnerable self appears. My goal has been to live as authentic as possible even when I am scared or not at my best so I share with love and gratitude.  

Sofi's Studio Video. 


Dear Maria said...

That was lovely. I loved seeing your dress and all the symbology associated with it! I hope you have fun creating in your new space - lovely! Maria

Claudia Olivos and Sergio OlivosM said...

Hermana querida.... I just loved, loved, loved seeing your space and hearing your heart~!

Thank you sooo much for sharing.

Te quiero mucho~!