August 2, 2013

Kyong-Hui and Cosmic Community

Yesterday after a long day at work I decided to head over to the craft stores in my neighborhood for some new supplies required for my Color of Woman Training. I was in search of Sumi-e or India Ink and some big sheets of watercolor paper. I was very tired and almost did not go but I remembered my commitment to living creatively and intentionally each day so I asked my husband to drive me.

In the car on the way there we talked about the simple strokes found in Chinese and Japanese paintings that use Sumi-e Ink. A single brush stroke can convey such beauty and in it you can find many images in them. Asian culture is another one of my favorite things to learn about. With my husband Jeff being half Korean there are subtle reminders around our home that demonstrate the influence of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese culture. 

Look at this ink painting. What do you see in the picture by Max Gimblett below?

So we got to Hobby Lobby and found the ink. I did not want to stay long because as I stated I was a bit exhausted and was ready to go home to relax. The watercolor paper was too expensive at Hobby Lobby so we decided to go right next door to Michael's. I thought to myself thank goodness they are in the same shopping center... we will be in and out. I knew the paper was less there and I had a coupon too. It was close to 7pm when we went in. I was mesmerized by all of the Fall decor and Halloween decorations that I started to jump up and down. I love the Fall and Winter seasons. After a few minutes of looking at all the cool stuff we headed over to the paper aisle. Jeff browsed over at the books while I looked at paper and canvas. I picked my paper then walked around to the side of the aisle.

I heard Jeff snickering off to the side... he had that look like he wanted to say something to a woman looking at the watercolor color paper where I had just been. I leaned over to see and I saw a woman in the same color clothing as me. I moved back and mouthed to Jeff "don't say anything" but he did and I am glad he did. It was kind of funny when I stepped around and faced her.  Jeff said "you both are twins" she paused and looked and then we all began to laugh. 

Jeff is more of a conversationalist than I am and so he did his thing talking while I did my thing and listening and observing. At some point early in our exchange I became so comfortable talking to this woman that I felt my energy increase. During our talk together she shared her Korean experience, Calligraphy and her 85 year-old instructor who is a traditionalist, her American name Fay and her real name Kyong-Hui and the history behind it, how she does not consider herself to be creative but has a tremendous respect for art and artists, Frank Lloyd Wright and his style, her sister, her mom, her dad, food, restaurants and that she doesn't like morons. 

It was a wonderful and mystical conversation. As I listened to the wisdom in her voice I envisioned the Red Thread of Connectivity encircling all three of us. It was like we had our own little Red Thread Ceremony right in the middle of the craft store. I am thankful to Jeff for tugging at both ends of the thread and bringing us to that point in time. 

I learned so much, I laughed so very much, and I made a new friend. When the announcement came over the intercom that said "Dear Michael's Customers, it is now 9pm and Michael's is closed please bring your final selections to the counter..." I couldn't believe that 2 hours had passed. It was pretty amazing. I asked if we could take a picture together because I knew I would want to document the experience. We exchanged information and said our good-byes at the register. I am so excited to see her again. 

I learned that community is truly everywhere I go whether I am tired or not there is a magic happening between our souls all the does not have to be planned in a workshop...there are synchronisities occuring every moment, we just have to pay attention and be open. Thanks to Kyong-Hui and Jeff for a beautiful evening. 

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