August 5, 2013

Manifest Monday and the Honey Jar


Yay it's Manifest Monday where we get to put our intentions out into the universe and have all of our sisters hold the energy for them! I am intending to manifest more SWEETNESS in my life. That is right all things like HONEY. 

Sofia's Candy-licious Gratitude List 

I am feeling such gratitude for spending the weekend with my twin nieces Justice and Lyric and my sweetheart Jeff. 

Here they are at the Farmer's Market enjoying Paletas. Yum!

I want more of this in my life. 


Afterwards we made cilantro pesto and tomato sandwiches with all the goodies we bought at the market. The girls gobbled them up. 

Hermana Sagrada's next course Santos Luminosos. A delicious offering of creative rituals. It has been so fun collaborating with my hermana Claudia to bring this online course to life. Thank you so much for everyone who has registered! There is still time to sign up if it resonates and sounds like something sweet for you to bite into. Course begins on August 30th.

So grateful for all of my art friends on an offline. Meeting in person becomes and extra special treat each time. Thank you for the emails and comments left on Facebook about how our online courses make you feel. It warms our hot apple pie it does :)  Here is a comment from last week:

"Truthfully, these art courses are making a big difference in my life. I don't feel as isolated as I have been for so long. The welcome comments from the other students make me feel so much a part of the group. Thank you so much!"  Ruthee

Loving that I will have another opportunity on August 16th to paint live with Shiloh Sophia. I will be helping to answer questions on the Facebook page and LiveStream chatroom. This is revolutionary education! Sign-up, follow online, and be in community with others at the same time. This lifestream is called:

The picture is not so clear but that's okay because you can trust me when I say this is going to be awesome. So excited for this and the very reason for my manifesting more sweetness in my life. Try it even if you think you can't paint, you will be surprised.

What will you manifest today? Tell me below and I will hold the intention for you.  

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I want to manifest order in my home. Then I want to get creative with all the energy that was cleared and have some fun with all the projects I am working on! Wahoo!