January 9, 2012

Word Hop 2012

Thank you so much for stopping by!  Today marks the Fly-Tribes first Blog Hop of 2012. I am so proud to be a part of this magnificent group of artists! I hope you get a chance to play with us. Please join me in hopping along here.

My word for this year is: 
The last quarter of 2011 really sparked a change in me. Taking Flying Lessons by Kelly Rae Roberts has been the best money I have spent in all of my life. Not only did I gain a well of knowledge but it allowed me to find a community I did not know existed. This community of artists has helped keep me honest in every creative endeavor from that point on. For many years have suppressed any creative feeling I have had. I was haunted by my inner voice begging me to come out. Haunted everyday by the artist within. 

When I first found Kelly Rae's art I was in an independent bookstore where I live in San Antonio, Texas. As I looked into the women's eyes of the painting (the same one on her book Taking Flight) a chill came over me. This woman was talking to me. "How could this be... this is a painting, Sofia!" I would say. The woman in the painting looked at me and with her eyes saw into my very soul. She had found me. I could no longer hide. It's almost like she was pulling out that part of myself that I had suppressed for so long. My inner artist was being pulled out of me. 

My Muse. (KRR's Painting)

I turned away in fear. I pretended like it was just another beautiful piece of artwork. I hid behind the bookshelves and I tried hard not to feel the emotions swirling in me. Blankly, I starred into a shelf of books and thought to myself, "Please be honest here. Stop lying to yourself. Listen...be still and listen. 

After a few moments of breathing deeply I peered out to seek her, this time not so afraid but relieved. She knew my story. She knew my deepest desires and ambitions and fears. She told me to let go and I would be free. I left her there that day. Before I left the bookstore I held her in my hands and promised that I would let go of my fears. I promised to no longer hide behind a false self. I promised to give the creative voice inside of me her chance to speak. I quietly exited and drove home in silence.

I will speak of this experience as long as I live because it was transformative for me. Living in honesty and living my truth is my goal in 2012. I am more prepared now to let go of things and people who do not serve me. I realize now more than I ever have that being honest with myself and others creates less stress in my life and allows me to live a more authentic life. 

I want to espouse all the the above this year. I know that with my group of fabulous flying females I will be fully supported!

I recently began creating intention candles for the new year to help me live more honestly. This idea was sparked by fellow flyer Rachel Payne. The intention of Self-love in the first quarter of the year is where I am concentrating.

This candle states that I am a: FREAKING GODDESS :) and that I can light the way to achieving my dreams!

The back side of this candle states to: Get your LOVE on! 

Thank you for your love and presence!

January 4, 2012

Flygirl New Year

Hello to all of you beautiful, creative souls. What a great day to be alive. I am so happy for the start of a new year and the possibilities that it brings. I am looking forward to creating more art and relationships with you all. I have not been the best at keeping up with blogging but I am making a great effort this year. It is good to document all the things happening towards living a more creative life. I appreciate you all supporting my creative endeavors as the sense of community moves me to be the best I can be. 

I am so happy to share that over the holiday break I traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to visit family and friends. Our New Year celebration was cozy and comfortable at home sipping wine and playing cards. It was relaxing and much needed. After the festivities we spent the afternoon painting together. I kick myself now that I did not photograph the occasion but take my word for it it was fun. 

Flygirl Love
The absolute highlight of my trip to Atlanta this year was that I met fellow Flygirl, Brenda Figueroa. Brenda and I have kept in touch over the months since the KRR E-Course Flying Lessons. We began our friendship exchanging emails about art and the course and how wonderful the experience was for us and the others. Soon after the course we began to Skype with each other and shared our work and what our studio spaces looked like. I began the Luggage Project Brenda hosted and it was a great experience. We supported each other through art shows that we both frantically prepared for and cheered each other on through texting on those wonderful days. It was only natural that we meet this year in Atlanta since Brenda lives there. 

We spent only a few hours together but they were for me magical and inspiring. We planned on having a creative day but we mostly talked and talked. We shared the positive and negatives of being artists...being women...being dreamers....I was so happy to be in her beautiful art studio. Brenda loves pink and the different pink hues made me feel like I was in a dream. We had lunch with her husband and my fiance Jeff. Soon after lunch her 2 year-old son woke from his nap. She is a loving mother and watching her with her son was artwork in itself. She is a caring soul. 

Our time came to an end early in the evening. We exchanged business cards, and she was kind enough to let me choose 2 of her prints to take home with me. From the moment I found her work it spoke to me. I was honored and now it will hang in my new art space!  

You guys!!! I can't even say how much the Flygirl group means to me. Everytime I meet another Flygirl my heart fills with so much love and admiration. This time was no different!