October 24, 2012

Recovery Through Art Journaling

Happy and excited to share that I will be facilitating a Recovery Journaling Class with Club 12 next month! The manager, De Anna Melendez, asked me if I thought art could be used when someone is in recovery....
Art is loosely defined here. Art is so many things! One of those artistic ways to express is through writing. I think that journal writing is such an effective tool for everyone! There are all kinds of journals but a recovery journal to me is keeping track of the recovery process whether it’s healing from the death of a loved one or overcoming and addiction. Writing about the day to day or writing about specifics you have accomplished is great to include in a recovery journal. It is also a place to look inward. As hard and uncomfortable as that may be for some of us, reflection is a way to understand the world and our place in it!
Remember you can draw in your journal, add pictures or cut out of things that inspire you or remind you to be kind and gentle to yourself during your recovery. Bring your questions, hopes, dreams...anything goes!
Recovery can be a long process and keeping a journal can be a way to start anew. Watch how you transform from day to day, week by week. My journal is my friend, my escape and a place to rest. At the end of a long day I love to curl up on the couch with a big blanket and get it all out! I sleep better!
I am so excited to share the power of journaling with De Anna Melendez and Club 12. If you would like to attend please pre-register at Club 12 by November 7.

xxx Sofia


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Terrie Purkey said...

Sounds like you are offering a fabulous class with the healing/journaling. Wanted to stop by and thank you for the very cool card I received in the inspiration deck swap - can't wait for the next one!