January 24, 2013

The Goddess Chronicles


The Goddess Chronicles was born out of a deep desire to create something collaborative with other women around the world. Since finding my tribe, I have felt the shift within me as an artist and as a woman towards embracing the divine feminine within. My spirit has awakened and I live now to be more receptive, authentic, and to honor my creativity.   The Goddess Chronicles is an intention to hold the highest vision of all  women through expressive and artistic creations. There is a change that is stirring in the souls of women around the world more than ever!  I would like to document a small piece of this evolution for younger generations of goddesses. My hope is that The Goddess Chronicles will help girls and women alike recognize the profound love within to expand their creativity and cultivate living an authentic and happy life! 
Entry Rules:

1. Email goddesschroniclesjournal@gmail.com Please send your mailing address and contact information. Send links to your blog, website, Twitter and Facebook. 

2. Once your receive the traveling art journal book, you promise to complete and ship the book within two weeks to the next goddess. Please email goddesschroniclesjournal@gmail.com and you will be sent the address of the next goddess on the list. Only names will be posted on a Facebook group, not personal addresses. 

3. Creative GoddessSofia Dabalsa will begin the journal then will send off to the next person on the list. 

4. The book will be a handmade watercolor book that measures 11 x 15 ¾ and it would cost approximately $ 6.80 -15.34.  Rates are based on weight and distance. For example, a 5 lb package would cost approximately $6.80-$12.34. The book weighs about 4 pounds. If the book travels outside of the United States, Sofia Dabalsa will help pay the excess costs. 

5.  There are no rules when it comes to what your journal pages look like. The sky is the limit really! Please use any kind of media you are comfortable with. Don’t forget to sign you work somewhere on the page. It is absolutely amazing that this book will travel around the country and hopefully the globe!  

The theme of this traveling art journal is Goddess Chronicles that inspire young and old; girls and women with messages from the heart to DREAM BIG. 

Perhaps you will speak to your niece, daughter, best friend, young woman, grandmother, mother, aunt… Anything goes! If you need help finding a little inspiration just email goddesschroniclesjournal@gmail.com You can use collage, watercolors, pencils, crayons, stickers, stamps, pockets, fold-outs, cut-outs or all of the above!  Your pages can be done by yourself or it can be a team effort with another goddesses. You can choose to do one page or two facing pages for a full spread! Get creative and have fun!  Links of where the journal has been will be posted on Sofia's blog. 

6. When the book is full, it will be mailed back to the point of origination with Sofia. At this point the book will be professionally photographed. This will allow Sofia to make and order photo books for all participants choosing to purchase one. 

7. The final book will be mailed to Stampington and Company for possible publishing in their Art Journaling Magazine.  More on rules for this later. Remember not to post any pictures on Facebook or your websites, pinterest etc. as that is one of the publishing rules.  Check out more of them here:http://www.stampington.com/submissions/ 

Stampington states that for collaborative projects, it is the responsibility of the submitting artist (Sofia) to obtain permission from each participant prior to submission. I will ask for these as each participant receives the journal. In addition, each piece of the collaborative must be labeled with contact information of the artist who created it so please be sure to provide that in the initial email.

8. The original book will be donated to empower young girls at 
Girls Inc. in San Antonio, TX. My hope is that each time a young girl sits to view The Goddess Chronicles it will inspire them to reach for their dreams! Please join us.

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