January 25, 2013

Feeling Brave

Be Brave, Girl!

I love Tamara Laporte. No! Really. 
I am taking Life Book 2013 and it is AH-MAZING!! So many beautiful visuals every week! I can't get enough. I really am so glad for the investment in my self and my art! 

If you are thinking about taking any of her classes you should completely dive in! Do it. I support this woman because she is by far the single most illuminating presence on the web for me. 

Of all the courses I have taken... (and I have taken a lot!) I keep coming back to her. She is honest, open, compassionate, caring, loving, talented and shares wonderful techniques at prices I can afford! It's win-win! 

For a week or so now I have not been sharing my artwork in Life Book because the "gremlins" (thank you Brene Brown) They keep talking nonsense in my head and comparing to this one and that! Even though EVERYONE is super supportive I still got a little chatter box gremlins going on.

Like Magic Tamara posted this today! 

I know this was meant for me to see! Here is what was inspired as a result.

 Yup, that's me sticking my tongue out at the gremlins! 

Now I look like this! Thanks Tamara, you make a difference!

                                                                      Sofia, Art Lover


This Moment said...


I love your journals! Great pic of you sticking your tongue out at the gremlins--I need to do that--they are getting me down lately.

Your beautiful girl is amazing...she glows!


Sher in Albuquerque said...

Your art is beautiful!! I too discovered Tam and am taking the Lifebook 2013 class. I too am discovering acceptance of myself through the art that emerges...a work in progress! I will look for you on the Flickr group! ;)

Anonymous said...

So beautiful, Sofia! Love this post! It made me smile:)