February 21, 2013

Listen to Your Heart

As a woman who has decided to live authentically and do only things that make my soul sing, I have taken the message to listen to my heart and trust that all will be well.

I knew that quitting my job as a professor of pharmacy after nearly seven years would be a huge step towards this way of life. I also knew that I would be leaving behind financial security to dive into the scary unknown. 

Sometimes I find it difficult to allow others to help me because I am so used to doing it all myself. This is a most humbling gift. I have come to understand that things and people come to me for a very good reason and that I should accept them with love.

Over the last six months I have met many beautiful people, where I live and online. The connections have been so powerful and each of them has proven to be a part of this new path I am taking. Each day I am affirmative, intentional, and focused on what I truly want for my future. 

Shiloh Sophia McCloud
Lately I have been dreaming that I was painting in my grandmother's old New York City apartment. The air smelled like sazo´n that wafted in from the kitchen and I could hear salsa music five floors down from the street below. My grandmother sold that great 8 bedroom apartment back in the nineties but the memories never go away. I wondered what this dream was about. Was I wishing to visit my past? Did it have something to do with my future?  Then this morning in an instant it was clear.

I don't know how I came across this workshop in my internet surf this morning. I did however know that it was meant just for me! What's more is that I found Shiloh Sophia McCloud over a year now, nearly two, when I saw her work I intended to one day meet her and paint with her. I was just so drawn to it.

In an instant and without talking myself out of it, I decided to book the workshop and a flight and hotel to New York City! I know, know, know it's meant to be! And! As an added bonus my dear Goddess Chronicles friend Jade Scarlett will be joining me! After posting my status on Facebook she asked if I would meet her....for lunch or something...I told her about the workshop...she was over the moon! Within a minute or two she confirmed that she had just signed up for the workshop! We laughed and cried and just knew we had both listened to our hearts! 

Stay tuned for updates friends!

What is being whispered to you right now? What is your heart telling you? 


Electric Rose said...

OH SOFIA - so very pleased that YOU are listening to your heart and going to come and paint with me!!!

Electric Rose said...

OH SOFIA - so very pleased that YOU are listening to your heart and going to come and paint with me!!!

Sydneyn said...

Sofia, I'm so glad to hear that you are following your heart. Your blog post has been an inspiration to me when i was having a doubting morning. I thank you for inspiring me to continue on my path no matter how difficult and insurmountable a task it might seem to change the path of your life to one of peace, heart, and joy. I can't wait until the journal has made it to my door. :-)

Christina Fajardo said...

Wow Sofia that is so very exciting! The thoughts of my mom and my grandmother are never far from me. Today is the opening day for the movie "Bless Me Ultima" which is about the magical coming of age of a 7 yr old with his healer grandmother in the small community of Puerto de Luna, New Mexico where my family is from. I urge you to go see it. It will touch your soul. Love to you lovely lady! I am glad that you are listening to your heart.

Ann Marie said...

Good for you! Can't wait to hear all about the trip. I love visiting NYC. Use to go once or twice a year for market when I owned the store. And to answer your question: my heart is telling me to listen to my head right now and work my butt off to build my biz so that I may have all my heart's desires down the road.