April 25, 2013

Just Put It On The Canvas Ya'll!

I have been thinking about my tag line lately...

It can evoke some kind of emotion within when you look at artwork or when use any of your other many senses to experience it... also...it can make you feel relieved when you release your soul as you create it. 

"Art" is about FEELINGS and moving through those emotions as you create it. For me this happens through painting. It could be a different "creation" for you but it is still about the feelings. Never has this been more clear to me than now. My COW training is allowing me to break open internal pieces of myself that need attention and nurturing. Can I just say this process is freaking amazing. 

The process is freaking amazing ya'll!

Many of you know of my traveling art journal The Goddess Chronicles. If not you can click and read about this very inspiring project. It has touched so many in very profound ways. I wish that I could somehow put together all of the responses, messages, phone calls, texts, and emails. Just to have them in one place to somehow share the wealth! The richness of how moving it is to be in the center of such a loving place.

Today I wanted to share one of my experiences with this "art work" that I have INTENTIONALLY created for myself and those it has resonated with. I received a message from sweet Ann that asked me for advice.  Here is the email I received:

Hi Goddess Sofia, (yes ya'll, a Goddess I am! but anyway keep reading)
I've been going through a very tough time lately with a lot of transitions -- some good (getting married in May) and some not so good (dad is very ill, business is going poorly, etc.).  So, I'm sorry to say that I've had no inspiration to do the journal. I am not sure what to do. I've been meaning to reach out to you to figure out whether I should just pass it on and maybe try again later?  What do you think?

I sat with this email for just a minute before I started to type away. Pass it on? I thought? I don't think so! Remember that the only inspiration you need is WITHIN YOU! Nothing outside of you will MOVE you. It can influence you but YOU will do the work! This is the ART! 

My reply to this was:

Take out your page from the journal and send the rest of it off to the next goddess that way we won't hold them up. everyone is on a time limit with this project and we can't have it sit for too long in one place. (hugs)

Now, put your page in a place that you can see it everyday. remember art is NOT about what it looks like but about how it makes you FEEL. I challenge you to pour your heart out onto these pages...the good, the bad, ugly...EVERYTHING! be intentional about this Anna. 

You do not need positive inspiration, really you don't. YOU have EVERYTHING YOU NEED INSIDE RIGHT NOW! 

What you need is INTENTION. a time to focus on putting whatever will come out onto this blank page. Light a couple of candles, say a prayer if you do that, meditate a little on what you are feeling...if you feel like shit then PAINT THAT. what does that look like to you? At the same time do you feel JOY about getting married...then paint that on top of that shitty layer and you will see what a difference it will make in you. I promise. 

Get all the crap out first! sadness, shame, fear, loss. let it dry.. FEEL it and then make a CHOICE to let it go. Make a choice to change what you can change or make a choice to ACCEPT what is. Make a choice to find the JOY and BEAUTY around you in that very moment. Then PAINT it! 

What colors will you use for your wedding theme or party...use those...what is your favorite flower? recall from memory and paint it on your page. what is your BIGGEST DREAM? share that with a little goddess who will NO DOUBT experience the energy you put into this project. It will become HER dream! (you are POWERFUL!)

This will not change the status of your father, it may not change the day to day of your business but I KNOW that you will FEEL different about it all. even if just the slightest shift occurs in the right direction you will FEEL it!!

When you feel better you have HOPE and when you have hope you can MOVE into the next step...you EVOLVE into the next best version of you and EVERYTHING is affected. 

It may actually inspire something new in your business, it may help you to know and believe that on a deep, deep level only FELT with your HEART that your father IS divine health and pure LOVE! HE IS and will ALWAYS be connected to you my dear Ann. 

Do you think that you can find a focused time just for you? to do this SOUL work? Cleanse yourself allow some fun and COLOR in your life right now. 

I believe in you Ann. You can do this and you will rise to meet a stronger, creative version of you if you INTEND it. 

In the same day I received a picture from Ann that gave me chills! I can't post it entirely here because ultimately it is going in The Goddess Chronicles book that we are trying to publish. It has to be fresh for the publisher and readers. But I will give you a taste up there. Shh!!  :)

Ann emailed me back to express her gratitude for my love, wisdom and compassion (her words). As I write this I realize that this is my ART WORK. This is my JOB. I facilitate creativity! I AM CALLED to this! You won't believe this but it's true...as I look behind me at my little altar of super important things...I see HER...My SOUL-FIRE...she came to me in NYC through Shiloh's gentle guidance. These are the words she holds for me...the words that rang TRUE in my interaction with Ann:

I am showing up in creative ways everyday with love, wisdom, and faith. I am called to facilitate creativity, to create magic in the world and hearts of women, men, and children.

You have the power! Sometimes you may think you don't but you do! 


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Claudia and Sergio Olivos said...

Dear hermana, So beautiful!
So gorgeous to see your encouraging words bring amaZing transitions to people and to you too!!

abrazos mil!