January 14, 2013

The Green Smoothie Girl

I had a fun time downtown San Antonio this weekend meeting Robyn Openshaw. If you don't know, Robyn is known as The Green Smoothie Girl

I attended her Green Smoothie Girl Class where she talked about her story, the benefits of blending and gave away tons of her products. A group of about 100 people showed up interested in learning about the benefits of eating whole-foods and incorporating green smoothies into a busy life. 

As an academic, I appreciated the discussion about the studies she has conducted over the years and the results of those studies. Amazing outcomes for so many people with chronic or otherwise fatal diseases that through eating, green and clean, eradicated any sign of disease in their bodies. 

I blend/juice on a weekly basis but I am ready to ramp up this part of my life. I was really impressed by how Robyn was so open and shared her research with us. I felt like I was sitting in an Oprah audience the way she was handing out tools and products to live healthier. 

How generous, I thought to myself. What I really liked was that she was relatable. 

Robyn doesn't claim to eat salads all the time and that her diet is perfect but it's pretty close! She also follows a short list of rules when her and her family are out or traveling. It was very encouraging discussion and I love the idea of truly feeding and nurturing my body minus all the processed crap!

Looking forward to another free workshop called Medicine Cabinet Makeover! As a girl who started her career in pharmaceuticals I am so ready to sink my teeth into this one! It reminded me of my pharmacy studies and when I read about the Father of Medicine Hippocrates stated: 

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food!

I am going to challenge myself to 28 days in February to detoxing, juicing, blending and raw foods. Did I just type that? I plan to document the journey with pictures and videos. Anyone want to join me?


Ann Marie said...

You know I support the greens! Juice, smoothie, eco-friendly.... All the greens! Way to go you.

This Moment said...

I just starting making green juice again two days ago and had one today after work. I am not a fan of grocery shopping or cooking, so I'm doing the best I can. I have lupus which is an autoimmune disease and I too have heard that eating differently can really change your health. With that said, I still haven't committed to fully eating better. Maybe if you share your experiences Sofia, I'll be more inspired to do it more regularly!


Janet said...

I so need to do this. I know how good it is for us, it's just so hard to MAKE the time. Lousy excuse, I know! Keep at us, you have a few of us right on the cusp of going for it!

Rachél - Creativity Tribe said...

I love green smoothies! Enjoy the journey!