April 15, 2013

Color of Woman: Magical!

Hello Butterflies!

I just wanted to pop in and share my first post documenting my Color of Woman Art School Teacher Training Program. If I could use just one word to describe my feelings it would be MAGICAL.

It has been a great experience with a community of women who truly value artistic expression through confronting our Critic and moving with our Muse. Women have gathered from all corners of the world! Just this weekend the incredible Shiloh Sophia and her marvelous team completed a livestreaming painting session over two glorious days. I am amazed at her generosity, her loving and giving nature... (big breath of gratitude.) I have learned so much in the last two weeks about myself and how this training can change the lives of people it touches.

When I came back from NYC and realized that I need to take this training I painted this picture below. Showing her progression. I call her Mary. I am so connected to Mary Magdalene. Since I was a child she has been a strong image of love, awareness, gratitude, protection and strength. I knew it was her when I saw her come onto the canvas. This is definitely Shiloh inspired!

Beautiful Mary

I have taken a short break from social media and have been quiet lately really meditating on my purpose within the group and how I can teach these principles in my local community. I love being intentional with my Muse. It has been an emotional and spiritual practice. I feel really connected to my canvas and the face that is emerges every time I allow myself to be open.

Here is another progression. She is special. She is a Legendary Warrior Goddess. She is far from finished. I am only on step 5 of the 13 step process. I can't wait to see her fully formed!



On top of that I am learning to be less controlled with my painting. This idea seemed easy enough at first but I catch myself wanting my strokes to be just perfect...I am learning that there is true beauty in the imperfections and it definitely is speaks to my tag line that... art is not about what it looks like but about how it makes you feel. 

I still need to invest in some Golden Fluids Paint and paintbrushes. I was so happy to find large canvas on sale last week! I have found that professional supplies really make a difference with this method. Speaking of investing, I would invite you to help me with my fundraiser Sofia's Dream resonates with you. I am so grateful for my supporters that have already generously donated to my Color of Woman School Training Program! Thank you so much. I am looking forward to raising enough money this summer to meet my mentor and all the sister teachers in person in July! Wish me luck. 

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Sumaiyah Dymonz said...

Love your paintings Sofia! These are absolutely beautiful! I hope you will post them when they are finished emerging!